It doesn't matter who you are, man or woman, young or old, everybody wants a flat belly with a slim waist. In order to make your belly flat, you should strengthen your core. In this article, we would like to show you an effective core training routine that can help you meet your goals.

A strong core is very important, as it plays a huge role in your everyday life. You engage your core, when you do laundry, when you carry objects, or when you cook meal. So if your base is weak, you might have some problems. Having a strong core can improve your balance and posture. You should work out your core muscles regularly in order to prevent the chances of getting bone and joint injuries.

This effective core training will help you build a base for all types of physical activities. You will be able to do your everyday tasks without any difficulties and choose any physical activity you like. Are you interested?

This training routine consists of amazing moves, such as double leg pulses, double leg raises, leg circles. These exercises will strengthen your core, burn abdominal fat and make your waist look slimmer. You should perform twenty repetitions of each exercise and repeat three circles. To obtain your fitness goals, you should perform this training routine four or five times a week, combining it with a balanced, nutritious diet plan.

Are you ready to start working out? Scroll down to see the instructions to perform these exercises correctly. So let’s get started, ladies!

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#1. Double leg pulses

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

#2. Double leg raises

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#3. Leg circles

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

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