Figuring out how to make your vagina tighter can be confusing and challenging. Whether you’ve just had a baby or simply want to tighten your vagina for more pleasurable sex, the ways in which you’ll go about it are the same.

While there are surgical procedures, these are extremely expensive and also invasive. If you’re looking for a more natural path, try these 3 exercises that may help you tighten up down there:

#1 Kegel Exercises

If you’re looking for a discrete way to work on the tightness of your vagina, then kegels are the move for you. You can do them anywhere, anytime, and no one will have any idea that you are!

Imagine that you have to pee so bad that you don’t think you can hold it any longer. Tighten the muscle you would use to hold your urine in. Bingo! That’s the same area you will focus on for your kegels;.

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What to Do:

Squeeze: contract your kegel muscles as tight as you can.

Let the muscle go after holding for a couple of seconds.

Start slowly with around 10 per day and then increase to reach up to 100 per day.

Over time, your kegel strength will improve.

Make sure you target the proper muscle with each kegel.

Try kegel balls that go into your vagina to help you focus on the muscles more easily.

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#2 Regular Squats

The dreaded squat has yet another purpose in your life. If you’re looking to shape your butt and tighten your vagina, then you’ll find yourself doing a large amount of squats.

Doing a Proper Squat:

Start standing, with your legs at hip width.

Lower yourself, as if into a chair, pushing your butt out behind you, keeping back straight.

Make sure that your knees never cross the front of your toes.

#3 Use Vagina Props

Don’t judge a technique until you know what it is! The name may sound scary, but you have nothing to be worried about. Vaginal props are like weights to help you tighten up your vagina. They come in different shapes including cones and barbells.

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How They Work:

Insert into opening of your vagina.

Squeeze vagina around prop and let go.

Over time, vagina muscles will strengthen.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Be patient when it comes to tightening your vagina. These exercises will give you noticeable results within 20 days of starting to use them. As time goes on, your vagina muscles will get stronger and your vagina tighter.

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Credit: Freepik

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