There is less than a month left until the beginning of spring, which means that you have very little time left to prepare your body for open clothes. Of course, you can go on a diet, however, as practice shows, this gives a short-term result, which will very quickly go nowhere. If you talk about the result, which will last for a long time, the best choice is weight loss exercises paired with proper nutrition.

Of course, the prospect of doing gymnastics and trying to eat right can not be liked by everyone. But, let's be frank, that was the result, we need to work. And sometimes it's hard. At such moments, think about the beautiful clothes that you can wear after you lose those extra pounds. Also, it should be noted, weight loss in this way will not occur lightning fast. However, the result will last for a long time. And, if after losing weight you will support it, then you can be slim absolutely always.

For weight loss, you need to do 5 workouts a week 20 minute each, three of which will be with a force complex of exercises and two - cardio. Also remember, before each training you need to do a little workout.

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#1. Squats

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#2. Dumbbell Deadlifs

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#3. Plank

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#4. Scissors

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#5. Lunges

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