Our modern life is not a piece of cake, we all know that. There are situations where there is nothing else we need but someone to be by our side and support us. In some cases, these are not even people who are there to support us – they are our pets. Those who say that they can’t comfort you – haven’t owned a pet in their lives.

There are normal pets that we are mostly used to – like cats and dogs or fish, but there are more exotic pets such as peacocks, for example. Who are we to judge, right? No matter what your pet is, if you claim that it is with you for your emotional support no one has the right to prove you wrong. But that is only our subjective opinion since the story we are about to share with you has a quite different outcome.

This story took place at Newark Liberty International Airport. The woman and her pet peacock were about to take their flight when they were denied the chance to board the plane.

The reason was that the peacock was not included in the list of Emotional support and psychiatric assist animals owned by the airline company. It was stated that the weight and the size of the animal were way different from those allowed.

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In the end, the lady and her peacock spent 6 hours at the airport and weren’t able to leave and land at their destination – LA. If you think that she should have bought a second ticket and the problem would be solved – you are wrong. That is exactly what she offered the airlines and was denied, they claimed it to be ridiculous.

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So how did all of this end? Well, friends of hers took her and her pet and drove them across the country in their car. After all, they arrived at the destination, but a lot later than if they were allowed to fly together.

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