People are born different and it is difficult to say who is handsome and who is not. But there are beauty standards that determine the most beautiful people of the decade or even of all time. Very often, people’s choice is taken into consideration while figuring out who is the most gorgeous-looking.

Today, we decided to introduce a list of famous American women that were, and remain, considered the most beautiful ones. Some of them may be familiar to you while the others may come as a total surprise.

One fact remains unchanged, all the other women in the world try to look like these famous ladies and forget that they are also only women, mothers, and wives, with their own personal tragedies and issues no one knows about.

#1. Marilyn Monroe The star of Old Hollywood times

#2. Angelina Jolie – Mother Teresa of our time

Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy

#3. Beyonce Knowles – one beautiful and talented woman

#4. Jessica Simpson – an actress, a designer, and a model

#5. Tori Praver – a model and a designer

#6. Keri Russell – an actress and a dancer

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#7. Lily Aldridge –one of Victoria’s Secret angels

Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy

#8. Katy Perry – a talented singer and composer of the modern era

#9. Carolyn Murphy a top model.

#10. Lindsay Ellingson – another Victoria’s Secret angel

#11. Stephanie Seymour – supermodel and actress

#12. Marisa Miller - an actress and a model

Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy

#13. Leighton Meester – actress, singer, photo model

#14.Shelley Hennig – TV series actress

#15. Hilary Duff – actress, model, singer

#16.Brooklyn Decker – top model and actress

#17. Halle Berry – first African-American actress to win Oscar

Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy

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#18. Heidi Mount – photo model

#19. Cassidy Wolf - model and the winner of Miss Teen USA 2013

#20.Katie Holmes – an actress

#21. Ali Landry – an actress and a photo model

#22.Amber Heard - an actress and a photo model

Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy

#23.Ashley Judd – actress, designer, model

#24.Bridget Hall – supermodel

#25.Amber Valletta – an actress and a model

#26.Kate Bosworth - an actress and a model

#27.Megan Fox – an actress and photo model

Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy

#28.Kate Upton - an actress and a model

#29.Taylor Hill - one of Victoria’s secret angels

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