Week of high fashion in Paris continues. To attract attention to their show, designers come up with more and more forms of expression of their creativity and invite to participate in the defile of interesting and non-obvious characters.

So, fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier this year made the main stars of his show model Coco Rosa and her daughter. Their performance became the most unexpected part of the show.

How quickly grow other people's children: it seems, more recently, Coco Rosa gave birth to her first-born, daughter of Aioni, and today the 2-year-old babe is already confidently conquering the Parisian catwalks.

At the show in Paris, a collection of Jean-Paul Gaultier's collection of couture, the girl went to the podium with her star mother, who now expects a second child.

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2-year-old Ionie often accompanies her mother on her working trips: the girl takes part not only in the shows, but also in photo sessions. Fashion experts are predicting a great future for the baby - the confidence with which Koko Rosha's daughter came to the podium may be envied by many acting models.

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The 29-year-old model and her two-year-old daughter appeared in front of the guests in identical outfits and tried to move identically on the podium. The first successes of Ioni on the Week of high fashion were appreciated by all those present: having risen from their seats, the guests filmed a bright output on the video, loudly applauded and whistled.

As soon as her daughter was born, Koko started a personal page for her in Instagram. In the first magazine shoot, Ionya acted in film four months after birth - she posed for Fashion Magazine together with her mother. Later, Roscha also said that she would support her daughter, if she, when she grows up, wants to become a model.

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