These days, it is more than difficult to find a girl who does not want to make her butt look better. Most of the workout routines are so popular just because they are butt-centered. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact. Yet, the thing is that when you decide to get your butt into a perfect shape you need to be aware of few key point.

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First of all, your butt has a lot of muscles situated down there and the most effective and productive workout will be the one to trigger them all. What is more, if you find that magic plan you will not only grant your butt a perfect shape but will also burn more calories in general and that means that you will tone up your whole body in the process. Isn’t this amazing?

We think it is. That is why we are ready to treat you with a portion of exercises which suite the description above more than perfectly. Besides, you do not necessarily need to visit the gym to tone youth booty up. You can easily work out at home with the least of equipment involved, just a set of dumbbells and a step (which is quite optional) not to mention that you do not need to devote a couple of hours to this workout routine.

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Yet, you should always remember - no matter how effective the exercise is – there is much more to it. What we have in mind is a combo of your workout and healthy eating habits, of course!

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#1. Squats

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#2. Dumbbell Deadlift

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#3. Squat Jacks

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#4. Lunges

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#5. Step-Ups

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