Our body is the whole thing, so we need to pay equal attention to all parts of it. You can not always train your buttocks or abs, and never work out the muscles of your chest or back. This will lead to uneven development of proportions of your body, which will look ugly and unattractive.

Surely, many of you are wondering how it is possible to train your chest and back at home without using special bars. So, what do you need in order to train your back and chest at home? First of all, it is the right diet, which will promote the growth of your muscles and will not allow you to grow the amount of subcutaneous fat in your body. If we let fat accumulate in our body, then you will not be able to see your muscle.

So, start eating right. Secondly, you need constant training. You need to exercise two-three times a week. Start your exercising using a five-pound dumbbell. If you see that your workout becomes too easy for you, you can change it for a ten-pound dumbbell. After a month or two of performing this workout, you will see great changes in your posture and your whole body.

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#1. Push up. Do as many push up as you can during one minute. So three sets.

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#2. Bent over dumbbell row. Do as many push up as you can in one minute. So three sets.

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#3. Lying chest fly. Do fifteen repetitions (increase the number of repetitions, if you need).

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