Most women dream of having beautiful, firm breasts. However, there are many causes that may affect your bust, such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, rapid weight gain, a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle and stress. You should know that your bust consists of fat, connective tissue and milk glands. You don't have muscles in this area and that is why your breasts may look saggy and flabby. Fortunately, it is possible to restore the appearance of your breasts and make them firm and lifted.

A healthy, firm bust requires a regular training routine, a healthy diet and natural remedies. It is impossible to tone saggy breast without a good chest training routine. But before you start working out, you should draw your attention to these important rules:

- Improve your posture.

- Be physically active.

- Drink more water.

- Balance your diet with healthy, nutritious products.

- Use only natural remedies.

Scroll down to see five effective exercises that can help you strengthen your bust and reduce saggy breasts. This chest workout consists of easy-to-follow moves, such as butterflies on a flat surface, butterflies standing up, butterflies sitting down, opening up of the chest and flexes for the bust. These exercises target all the pectoral muscles and strengthen your chest area.

In order to achieve visible results in one month, you should do this training routine six times a week. Are you ready to try? Scroll down to read the instructions that can help you complete this workout correctly. It is time to work out, ladies!

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#1. Butterflies on a flat surface

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#2. Butterflies standing up

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#3. Push Ups

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#4. Opening up of the chest

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#5. Flexes for the bust

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