Have you ever wondered how we use things in the entirely different way than they were meant to be? The thing is that there specific rules or movements created for one sole purpose but then there is someone who just comes up and starts using it to their advantage. That is something we would like to bring your attention to today.

Very often we hear that being overweight is alright since everyone chooses his or her path in life. Well, that is actually the personal right of every single person. Yet, the world we live in right now is all about perfection; when it comes to body size, it is as strict.

That is why there are a lot of people who start defending all those who are outside the perfect example of the toned up body. Mostly they are women. And today we are going to talk about Stephanie Yeboah, she is a famous plus-size blogger, and recently she became pretty angry with some people who claim to be body-positive, and here is why.

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The thing is that not so long ago Louise Thompson published her book ‘Body Positive’ that made many people, including Stephanie, quite mad. As it turns out that instead of helping people embrace themselves Thompson’s book is all about dieting and working out. That is the bummer, right?

Stephanie is pretty mad since this is another example of how society is actually trying to make you fit into it no matter what. She says that body-positive movement was never meant to make people change it was all about helping people accept themselves for who they are no matter how they may look.

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That means that there are no rules or boundaries for people who just want to be in the trend and force others to follow it. Stephanie is sure that no matter what your size is – you are beautiful and you should not be ashamed of it in no case!

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