After 40 years, almost all have to rack their brains, what would it be to put on here to pull up, there - pulling. And this happens even with those who have been faithful to a healthy lifestyle all their youth, been in the air a lot, went to the pool and eat right. Do not despair and tear your hair with screams, that all efforts were in vain. To help again come fitness. Only your program will need to be built in a new way.

Aerobic (cardio) training strengthens the heart muscle, improves the overall endurance of the body. Since the decrease in the level of sex hormones is associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases, it is important for women to deal with cardio.

Cardio for women after 40 years old

Cardio-loads are useful for heart health and are useless for muscles, so it is advisable to engage in them with strength training.

Key recommendations:

Start with 10 minutes of cardio after the power, gradually increasing the time to 20-30 minutes;

On some days, start with 20-30 minutes of cardio, gradually increasing the time to 45-60 minutes;

Despite the tremendous benefits of VIIT, if you have not previously done it, go to intensive training carefully - do light intervals, no more often 2 times a week, gradually increasing the intensity. For example, start with four intervals of moderate running for a minute and a quick walk for 3 minutes. With each lesson, increase the running time or speed and shorten the walking time. When the body gets used, increase the number of intervals;

Refuse intensive jumping exercises, step aerobics, running on asphalt in uncomfortable shoes. As mentioned above, a change in the hormonal background reduces bone density, and the ankle is the most vulnerable place in aerobic exercise. In addition, the shock load falls on the spine.

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#1. Burpees

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#2. Plank

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#3. Squats

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#4. Push-ups

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#5. Crunches

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