Trying to get rid of bra bulge and back fat can be super frustrating. How do you even target that area? It seems difficult, but in actuality, there are specific things you can do to slowly trim away at the annoying bulge on your back. Getting rid of your back fat will leave you feeling more confident and internally comfortable.

There are 5 specific things you can do to banish back fat:

1. Watch your diet.

2. Stay in motion as much as possible.

3. Focus on building body muscle.

4. Head up straight and remember your posture.

5. Target the area specifically.

Before starting to incorporate these things into your daily routine, it’s important to think about why you have back fat. Here are a few common causes:

1. You don’t use your back area for much physical activity and over time fat builds up.

2. Focusing too much on specific spots for fat burning can lead to its build up in other places, such as your back.

3. Gaining weight overall will lead to extra fat taking a spot on your back.

4. You have a tendency to spend most of your time with bad posture.

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Follow this 15-Minute Workout Specifically for Back Fat

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#1. Side plank

Credit: BetterMe

#2. Triangle Crunch

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#3. Bicycle Crunches

Credit: BetterMe

#4. Knee to Elbow Crunches

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Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

#6. Plank Sweep

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

#7. Side Plank Twist

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

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