The majority of women who have crossed the forty-year line begin to notice that they have become less slender, fat deposits begin to appear there, here and lose weight becomes more difficult and more difficult. Why is this happening? Let's look at this in stages and find out what must be done to lose those extra pounds.

Many women after forty years begin menopause changes, that is, the body begins to slowly prepare for menopause. The level of female sex hormones decreases, sometimes the hormonal background of the thyroid gland is disrupted. Before the onset of menopause, unsystematic estrogen release occurs.

Unfortunately, such hormonal emissions can lead to insulin immunity of the body, and insulin, as is known, lowers blood glucose levels. This is one of the reasons leading to obesity and diabetes. Also, the reduction in the level of estrogens after menopause may lead to the accumulation of excess kilograms. And these hormones improve metabolic processes in the body.

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#1. Mandatory examination by an endocrinologist

The first thing that needs to be done is to pass an examination with an endocrinologist to make sure that the thyroid hormones are normal, as it reproduces the hormones that regulate metabolism. And if you identify problems, the endocrinologist will help to correct these hormones, and therefore to restore the correct metabolism.

#2. Check the hormonal background

If you are overweight and despite diet and active physical training, kilograms continue to grow, then there is some kind of problem with hormones. Breaking the hormonal background is one of the most common causes that prevents women from maintaining a stable weight. Especially before the onset of menopause, there is a restructuring in the body and hormones begin to "rage".

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#3. Adjust the intestine

Food that we eat contains a lot of harmful substances. Which accumulate in the form of toxins and toxins in the parts of our intestines, disabling our digestive system. Over time, this leads to a deterioration in health and to a set of excess weight. Cleansing the bowels is an important and necessary step on the road to harmony, do not forget about it.

#4.Change the power system

For successful weight loss, first of all, you should reduce the consumption of animal fat, fast carbohydrates contained in baked pastries, pasta and sweets. And if you can, then give up sugar completely - you can replace it with honey.

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Credit: Pixabay

#5. Maintain the water balance

With age, the skin becomes drier, because the moisture in it begins to hold worse. And this is fraught with the appearance of new wrinkles and thickening of the blood, which in the future can lead to blood clots and clots of blood vessels. To prevent this from happening, you need to observe the water balance.

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#6. Eliminate insomnia

Every active woman after forty years is faced with the problem of falling asleep, and sometimes with insomnia. This happens not only because of stresses or problems, but also because of the physical problems that have arisen - such as snoring, pain in the back, cramps and so on, which prevent a good sleep.

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#7. Find a way to overcome depression and stress.

Are you often nervous or depressed? Then forget about harmony. Stress has a negative effect on the digestive system, which either actively begins to work, or ceases altogether.

#8. Forget about strict diets and sharp weight loss

About any sharp and fast weight loss after forty is out of the question! Only smooth weight loss! At this age, the skin is not so elastic to withstand a sharp change in weight and will repay by the formation of new wrinkles.

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Credit: Pixabay

#9. Review your medications

The intake of certain medications can indirectly affect obesity. For example, antiallergic and hypnotics cause drowsiness and fatigue. As a result, the daily caloric intake decreases, which leads to a set of excess weight.

#10. Go in for sports

There is one dogma that is known to athletes: the more muscle mass, the more effective your metabolism of fat burning. But natural aging tends to lose muscle mass, which with age is replaced by fat.

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Credit: Pixabay

#11.Consume foods that help burn fat.

There are a number of foods that you can eat as much as you want without getting better, and they also push the body to burn fat.

#12. In order to lose weight and continue to remain the same slim, women are recommended to include in their daily diet as much vegetables as possible, as well as fruits, because they are a source of fiber for the body. This substance is able to improve the functioning of the intestine, as well as rid the body of harmful substances that have accumulated in it for years. In large quantities, cellulose is found in cabbage, carrots, beets, as well as in greens and tomatoes.

#13. Do not eat all 1500 calories per meal.

This number of calories should be divided for the whole day. Fractional food is the key to rapid weight loss and improve the digestive system, and therefore more rapid weight loss.

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Credit: Pixabay

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