All ladies at the age of fine understand that after forty years the female body, the figure, undergoes changes. And often - not for the better. The years are making their own adjustments. Slow down the process of metabolism, hormonal changes, "jamming" problems, a sedentary lifestyle, irrational nutrition is the reason.

The energy complex of exercises for women after 35 years does not take much time. Doing it every day while standing, lying or sitting, a woman changes and acquires a new vitality. Her mood is rising. Therefore, gymnastics can not be underestimated. Regular exercises for 35 years - the second youth for women who want to significantly improve their health and change their appearance. They are the best medicine for losing weight at this age.

Classes should be conducted every day from 15 to 30 minutes. Performing power loads, aerobic elements, jogging is needed in a well-ventilated room no later than half an hour before a meal. To start the exercise program should be gradually, without overloading the unadapted organism.

It is important to know! The first symptoms of menopause in 35 years are the reduction in muscle tone in the pelvic region, which is often the cause of many female diseases. Systematic performance of gymnastic exercises will help ladies after forty years with ease to survive such an unpleasant moment. Integrated exercises All exercises after 35 years for women contribute to strengthening the performance of joints and the muscular system of a specific area of ​​the body.

We offer TOP the most effective.

Hands raise up parallel to the body - inhale, fix the position for 10-15 seconds, lower - exhale. The legs should be shoulder width apart. Circular movements of the head. We do 15 times on the right side, as much on the other.

Keep your hands on your waist. Circular movements of the shoulder joints over the entire possible amplitude. 15 times forward, as much back. Amplitude movements of the upper body. Slopes forward and backward. Alternately, 10-15 times. At an inclination forward we take fingers to the floor.

The mill. Mentally draw circles with straight hands forwards and backwards.

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#1. Shoulder Press

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#2. Push-ups

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#3. Tricep Dips

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#4. Tricep Kickbacks

#5. Front Shoulder Dumbbell Raises

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#6. Two Armed Bent Over Row with Bottles

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