These days, a workout routine is important for many people. Some of them are trying to lose some weight, the others just like to keep themselves toned all the time, and some people visit gym just to stay healthy.

No matter what your excuse is, you should be pretty aware of what you are doing at the gym. Many people hire a personal trainer to achieve their goals, but not everyone is so lucky to afford a personal trainer. That is when the power of the internet comes in handy.

But even with all the wonders that internet has to offer, that should be some knowledge of every one of your decisions. Very often people decide to work out because some parts of their bodies leave much to be desired. And once they concentrate on that particular part they tend to leave out all the rest. That is a very bad approach.

Since we are pretty aware of how most people work, we tend to think that arms are the ones that most of you leave out. That is why we came up with a perfect arm set that will suit not only those of you who are attending the gym on a regular basis but also those of you who prefer working out at home. What is more, if you do not belong to either type of the described above – this set will also suit you.

You will be amazed how easily and quick you can bring your arms back in shape with these exercises.

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#1. Tricep Dips

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#2. Push-Ups

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#3. Lateral Raises

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#4. Forearm Plank To Push Up

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Credit: BetterMe