Flowers play an important role to celebrate any occasion of human either Birthday, Valentines day or marriage. So if you are going to give flowers for someone, you should know not only personal preferences of a person, but also the meaning of each flower.

Do you still think that a tulip is just a tulip? If your answer is yes, it is time to change your opinion and show you meanings and symbols of emotion for flowers like rose, peon, iris, daisy, tulip, lily, carnation, daisies and more.

In this article, we would like to show you twelve popular flower meanings that can help you find out more about many beautiful flowers. Scroll down to read this article right now.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1. A pion

This furry bloom is associated with plenty of meanings. This flower means love, wealth, timidity and tenderness. According to Greek mythology, when Aphrodite found out that Apollo was flirting with charming nymphs, he transformed them into peonies. Some people believe that these flowers can bring luck. This flower can be presented to any women.

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#2. A buttercup

This colorful flower is a symbol of beauty, affection and glow. This flower is a symbol of attractiveness regardless of its color.You may present a bouquet of buttercups to a person you like to show that you are dazzled by his beauty. And it also can be used as a wedding bouquet.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#3. A rose

A rose is a popular flower and most women would love to receive a bouquet of roses. This amazing, beautiful flower symbolizes love, passion, beauty, ideality and purity. There are so many colors of roses, as they are an excellent gift for any occasion. You may give white roses for wedding. Choose yellow roses for Birthday and present red or rose roses to show your love.

#4. A daisy

A daisy is a symbol of glory, virginity, true love, and kindness. According to Norse mythology, the goddess Freya picked a daisy, as her spiritual flower. This flower is an excellent choice to give for mothers and sisters.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5. A tulip

The tulip symbolizes enduring and passionate love. Its name comes from the Persian word for turban, because This flower have a turban-like shape. This is one of the most popular flowers in the world and it can be found in any flower garden. You may give a bouquet for your girlfriend to show your love or you may present it to your mother to show respect.

#6. An alstroemeria

People used to believe that his flower is magical. They thought that it was a gift of God of the Sun. This flower symbolizes many different things. Yellow alstroemeria is a symbol of luck, purple flower is a symbol of charm, rose flower is a symbol of tenderness and red flower is a symbol of deep love.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#7. A casa blanca lily

This beautiful, white flower has rich history. It was mentioned in Greek mythology, medieval painting and religion. It symbolizes purity, fame and style. If may give a bouquet of lilies for someone you respect.

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#8. An orchid

It is a rare flower, which is a symbol of power and luxury. It is a good present for love partners and soulmates. If you want to surprise your partner, a bouquet of orchids is exactly what you need. Or you can mix it with other flowers to get beautiful combination.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9. A carnation

There are plenty of ways to show your sympathy, and giving a bouquet of carnations is one of them. From ancient times people used this flower to show love and care. It symbolizes freedom, loyalty and honor.

#10. A sunflower

These flowers remind about the sun. They symbolize wealth, good fortune and warmth. If you want to lift someone's mood, you may present a sunflower bouquet to this person.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#11. An iris

This charming flower is a symbol of friendship, loyalty, respect and it can be presented to anybody. Irises were popular in Ancient Egypt, as they symbolized power and glory. You can mix them with red tulips or daisies to get a beautiful combination.

#12. A gardenia

This flower is also called chameleon, as it can change its color. This amazing flower symbolizes modesty, hope and belief. This flower is an excellent choice when it comes to interior decor. A gardenia also looks good in a wedding bouquet.

As you see, each flower has meaning. Now it is easier for you to choose in every case. What flower do you like the most?

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