Beautiful forms attract the attention of others. Every girl wants to attract admiring glances of men to her. Tight buttocks are an integral part of any sexual figure. Unfortunately, almost every modern girl has many things, because of which she can not find time to go to the gym.

In order for the buttocks to become attractive, it is enough to devote a bit of your time and practice at home. Accustom yourself to the fact that the exercises must be done systematically, at least every other day. You also need to eat right and watch your way of life - then you will like the result.

Before starting the exercises, you need to warm up the main muscle groups, so always start with a warm-up. Only after full warming of the muscle fibers, proceed to perform the basic exercises. Perform the following five exercises and you will lift and firm your butt very quickly:

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#1. Squats. This exercise is number one for your buttocks. You need to perform four sets of fifteen repetitions.

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#2. Kneeling glute lifts. This exercise will make our balance better and will tone your muscle. Do ten times on each side.

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#3. Plank with leg lift. This exercise can tone almost all muscles in your body. Lift your leg and hold the position for five seconds. Repeat ten times with each leg.

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#4. Lunges. Doing lunges, you will strengthen your buttocks and calves. Do three sets of ten repetitions on each leg.

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#5. Hip extensions. It lifts your buttocks very quickly. Perform ten-fifteen repetitions.

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