If you want to sculpt the perfect booty, there are plenty of training routines that you may perform either inside or outside the gym which may help. We would like to show you seven brilliant exercises that can help you get visible results in short time!

Saggy and flat butt is a huge problem that requires efforts and willpower to improve. But the combination of a proper diet and a good workout routine can help you get the shape you desire. You should always remember that before starting any training plan you should take care of proper technique. If you want to sculpt your booty, you shouldn't neglect your back, as it can result in back injury.

The main advantage of these exercises is that you may perform them at home. This amazing toning workout consists of effective moves such as, squats, lunges, hip extensions, elevations, butt squeezes, kicks and pelvis lifts. These moves will tighten your glutes and make your booty look great. You should do fifteen repetitions of each exercise and repeat this set of exercises twice. In order to obtain your fitness goals, you should perform these exercises four times a week. You may also choose two exercises you like the most and add them to your training routine.

Are you interested? If you want to sculpt perfect booty, this training routine is exactly what you need! Scroll down to see the instructions to so these moves correctly and avoid injuries. It is time to sweat, ladies!

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#1. Squats

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#2. Lunges

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#3. Hip extensions

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#4. Elevations

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#5. Butt squeezes

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#6. Kicks

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#7. Pelvis lifts

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