Whether you haven’t started your journey yet or you’ve hit a plateau, sometimes you need a bit of a boost in your exercise routine to get things moving with weight loss. The trick is to combine cardio and strength-training into one master workout routine. You will be sure to see the weight falling off faster with this method.

Equipment You’ll Need: Resistance Tubes with Handles, Mini Stretch Bands, Foam Roller (24 inch)

Week-Long Schedule: Monday: Resistance Training (Plan A1); Tuesday: Cardio (Plan A2); Wednesday: Resistance Training (Plan B1); Thursday: Cardio (Plan A2); Friday: Resistance Training (A1); Saturday: No Workout; Sunday: No Workout


SideStretch: horizontally on side, legs on top of each other, bend knees, put arms together one of top of the other bent, raise top arm and reach behind you, rotating torso, to try to touch ground.

The Handwalk: standing straight with legs apart, bend forward keeping legs straight, and put hands to ground, move hands in walking motion as far forward as possible and back again.

Forward Lunge and Arm Lift: lunge forward with one leg, put opposite hand on floor, with other hand reach toward ceiling, rotating body in same direction.

Side Lunges: feet wide, lean to one side and squat down.

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

Lateral Walk with Mini Stretch Band: put band around ankles, bend knees, feet apart, create a square with your feet.

Slide on Wall: stand with back very close to wall, put head, back, butt on wall, raise arms like candlestick with elbows bent against wall, lower elbows on wall as much as possible.

Jumping Jacks

Sit Against Wall: start with whole body against wall, keeping back straight, lower into sitting position, put hands straight out in front of you.

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Glute Bridges With Mini Stretch Band: put band on legs above knees, bridge position, lift hips.

Dips: sit on bench, heels touching floor, knees bent a bit, use hands and arms to lift off bench.

Forward Lunges

Plank Position: hands or forearms on floor for support.

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Short Warmup, jog or briskly walk for three minutes.

Run for fifteen minutes.

Wind down by jogging or walking briskly for three minutes.


15. Forward Lunge Twists: do forward lunge with one leg, raise arms with palms together, twist torso to one side.

16. Bridge for Glutes and Squeeze Knees: put towel or block in between knees, perform bridge holding item in place.

17. Opposite Arm and Leg Reaches: kneeling position, stretch one arm forward, opposite leg backward.

18. Fire Hydrants With Mini Stretch Band: wrap band around legs above knees, crawling position, bring one leg up to side, switch sides and repeat.

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

19. Goblet Squats With Tubing: stand on tubing, hold handles in each hand making them cross across body, squat keeping back straight.

20. Chest Press With Tubing: attach tubing to door at chest height, take handles in both hands, back towards door, elbows raised, palms towards floor, press hands down and in front pulling tubing.

21. Deadlifts With Tubing: legs apart, stepping on crossed band, hold handles, squat.

22. Bending Row: hold tubing handles, step on middle of tubing, feet wide, bend into squat, bring shoulder blades together and pull tubing to chest.

23. Crunches

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24. Diagonal Lifts: attach one handle to door knob, hold other handle with both hands, step away creating resistance, pull tubing diagonally upwards.

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Three minute warm up jogging or walking quickly.

Fifteen minutes running.

Three minutes cooling down jogging or brisk walking.

Try this one-week workout to boost your mood and start your weight loss the right way.

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