Since childhood every girl thinks about true love. We all want to meet a special man and live with him happily. However, when we grow up, we understand that a real life is a bit different from our dreams.

It turns out that it’s rather hard to find such a person and find a true love, not just make-believe. We meet new and new people and hope that this one definitely is special. However, for some reason, later we get disappointed and another relationship ends in breakup.

So, why do so many couples can’t build strong and happy relationships? The reason is that very often people confuse a true love with something else. Someone just needs their partner, others are together because of lust, and so on.

However, very often people aren’t truly in love with their significant others. They are just fond of the idea of them. Today, we have decided to show you the difference between these two feelings. Below you’ll find 9 signs that it’s true love and not just make-believe.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1 You are always trying to make them become better

We are not trying to say that you always want to change them trying to turn them into another person. It’s true that we should accept our loved ones the way they are. However, we want to say that you and your partner are a team, and you should always help each other to develop, achieve new goals and become better.

You should support him, help him when he feels exhausted, cheer him, and not let him give up. Your task is to help him become better and develop his potential. And he should do the same for you. When people support each other and help each other become better, it means that they really love each other.

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#2 You find a way to seamlessly build a future around them and your relationship together

When you find a true love, it’s naturally that you start thinking about your future together. You want this person to be with you and can’t even think that he can leave you. You start thinking about your life with this person, what you will do together, your future children and so on.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#3 You don’t show your relation off

There are many couples who are almost screaming about their relationships and try to make the entire world know about them. Their social media pages are full of their photos together.

However, when people really love each other, they don’t try to show their relationship off. They feel happy and secure in their own romance, so they don’t need anyone else to be involved.

#4 You feel OK being alone

You aren’t dependent on your relationship and your loved one. You feel completely OK being alone and enjoy your private space. You love your partner and like to spend time with him, but you are also able to take care of yourself and have a good time reading your favorite book, listening to music, drawing and stuff like that.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5 You have no emotional baggage from your previous relationship

Sometimes people get into new relationships trying to deal with difficult breakups. These relations won’t be long-term. However, if you don’t feel anything to your previous partner and don’t feel pain because of your previous relationship, then you really love your significant other.

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#6 You feel at home being together, no matter where you are

When you truly love someone, this person becomes a home for you. It means that you feel comfortable when you are together, and it doesn’t matter where you are. Everything you need to feel safe is just his presence.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#7 You trust each other

Trust is one of the most important things for romantic relationships. When people really love each other, they know for sure that their partner is honest with them and will never betray them. They know that they will never let each other down.

#8 You don’t compare your relationship with the relations between other couples

You understand that your relationship is the most important for you and it differs from the relations of other couples. You care only about your own ones and don’t pay attention to other people. You are too concentrated on your own relationship to pay attention to what other people do.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9 You aren’t interested in dates with other people

You love only your partner and can’t imagine your life without him. You don’t think about other possible partners. Your significant other is the only one for you, and your relationship with this particular person is the most important for you.

So, as you can see, a true love really differs from other feelings. When people really love each other, they don’t need anyone else in their relationship. They are the best for each other. So if you feel all the same to your significant other, then you have found a true love.

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We at BetterMe want everyone to know and experience true love. It is out there for everyone and until it knocks on your door we are here to remind you that you deserve the best love!

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