It can be really hard to find a good workout routine for people who just starting out, as they cannot perform all exercises properly and may get injuries. The best option for these people is to work up to start with modified exercises.

But there is a problem, as not all modified exercises are effective. Some of “modifiers” may be useless and traumatic. In this article, we would like to show you four common exercises that can be improved for better results.

What are the hardest bodyweight exercises? They include push-ups, squats, pull-ups and deadlifts. These exercises are basic and each of them require a strength and proper technique. If you are just a beginner, you shouldn’t start with these exercises. You need to start with their simplified variations. Scroll down to see how to replace these basic exercises to get the most out of your workout.

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#1. Push-ups

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It is a great exercise that can help you build strength in your upper body, but some women may find it very hard. The modified version of push-ups are elevated push-ups.

#2. Squats

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It is a very effective exercise that can help you lift your butt and strengthen your legs. But if you are a newbie, you may start with the hack squat.

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#3. Pull-ups

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Credit: BetterMe

This exercise requires arm strength, so it can be so difficult to perform for women. The modified version of pull-ups are assisted pull-ups.

#4. Deadlifts

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If you feel discomfort performing basic deadlifts, you should try its simplified version. Stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts will work your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

As you see, even if you are a beginner, there is always plenty of exercises to help you get in shape. Are you ready to try these “modifiers”? Let’s do it right now!

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