When it comes to working out, it is true that everyone has her favorite days. Someone prefers abs days someone is more into leg days. It is all a matter of preferences. But there are some parts of our bodies most of you tend to neglect.

When it comes to women – most of them hate the arm day. Why is that? Who knows, to be honest? But that does not mean that this is a great approach to leave something out. No, it is certainly not. That is why we decided to make our donation to your flawless look and present you with a set of arm exercises which will not only make your arms look all toned and sexy; they will also add some strength to them.

That is it! Strength- women are afraid that if their arms are going to be strong, they will be huge and bulky, but that is not the case with our workout routine. What we have prepared for you will make your arm stronger without taking it over the edge. We must tell you that some weights are going to be involved otherwise there is no use.

To succeed with this workout routine, all you need are some ten minutes of your time and a will to look sexy and toned up everywhere. Well, of course, you mustn’t forget about the healthy way of eating – that is one of the basics to stick to if you wish to look like those girls in magazines. Enough of talking let’s get those arms of your working!

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#1. Push-Ups

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#2. Two Armed Bent Over Row with Bottles

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#3. Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension

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#4. Triceps Kickbacks

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#5. Biceps Curl

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Credit: BetterMe