Some people think that romantic relationship doesn’t demand anything except love. However, it is a big mistake. As it turned out, today, it’s much more difficult to find a partner and build relations if you just love someone.

You should know that the partners should be patient, wise, and really love each other if they want to stay together. However, before all this stuff it is important to find this special person.

To find a partner people start dating. However, even in this case it is important to have some skills and stick to some rules. Today, we have decided to help you a little. Below you’ll see 10 dating guidelines for the modern woman. Let’s see what they are.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#1 Make sure that you have cleaned your emotional closets

The first rule is that you should make sure that you are ready to new relationship. You shouldn’t have any feelings to your previous partner. Don’t compare your new partner with anyone else and focus on your future.

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#2 If there is someone you are interested in, make the move

We all are used to stick to some rules that are not important anymore. If you like someone, you shouldn’t wait until he does some steps. Make a move yourself and you’ll definitely build happy relationship.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#3 Be yourself

This rule means that you shouldn’t be afraid to make a bad impression. Just relax and be yourself. Don’t pretend like you are someone else. If he doesn’t like you when you are real, it’s not the person you should pay attention to. Besides, you can’t pretend to be someone else for a long time, and sooner or later he will understand that you weren’t honest with him.

#4 Do not tell everything at once

You shouldn’t provide him with all the details of your life at the first date. Be honest, answer his questions, but don’t tell too much about yourself. Keep him interested and be a little bit mysterious, if you don’t want this date to be the last one.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#5 Obnoxiousness is not attractive

Even if you really like this man, you shouldn’t be needy. For example, don’t send him dozens of messages at once when he hasn’t even answered the first one. Remember that obnoxiousness is not attractive, it can even frighten him.

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#6 Invest in yourself

It means that you shouldn’t pay all your attention only to your new relationship. Remember that it is important to take care of yourself. This rule is really important. You shouldn’t neglect your interests and needs just because you have a new partner. Remember that you have your own life and love yourself.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#7 Being Facebook friends is great

It’s OK to be Facebook friends. It can help you to get to know each other better and become closer. It’s also a great way to keep in touch whenever you want. However, remember that stalking their Facebook isn’t OK. If you are interested in this person, then communicate and get to know him better just talking to him.

#8 Hold the sex

Today, people don’t pay any attention to it, and it’s OK for many of them to start their relationships from sex. However, if you want to find someone special and build a long-term relationship, don’t force it. You should see if it’s a good person and if you really like him.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#9 Date for the fun of it, not the destination

Although we all want to get married and have children, it doesn’t mean that you should use every your date looking for a potential husband. Sometimes you should also date for fun. In this way you’ll be able to relax and enjoy communication.

#10 Honor yourself

One of the main rules is that you should respect your own feelings. Trust your internal guidance system and listen to your intuition. Make a pause to understand what you really think and feel. In this way you’ll understand your attitude to people and will be able to find your soulmate. You’ll build happy and healthy relationship.

So, as you can see, everything is rather simple. Just don’t be afraid, be yourself, and be ready to new emotions and impressions. These rules will help you to meet a good man and build healthy and happy relationship.

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