Do you want to become more likable, successful and confident, but you don't want to become “fake” or “manipulative” person? It is time to learn the basic secrets of body language in order to make your life better.

Sometimes how you move matters more than what you say. You should understand once and for all, that body language is not a manipulation. By using body language tricks, you don't make people act against their own interest and you don't trick them. You are just trying to create positive relationships and make a good impression.

In this article, we would like to show you several easy body language tips that can help you become more persuasive and positive. By reading this article, you will become a completely different person. If you are interested, scroll down to read this article.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#1. Treat everyone friendly

The best way to make a great impression is to treat people like they are friends. How to do this? Nod slightly when they talk to help them feel appreciated.When they ask you something, take a pause to think before respond to show them respect.

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#2. Give before you get

If you want to make a good first impression, you should choose a “give” motto. Do something good for someone, as it feels much better to be a giver than a receiver. It feels much better to be helpful than to be obliged. Help someone and you will become his ally in this world.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#3. A guide to touching

We all want to feel special. We all have our personal achievements and we like when people take an interest in our ordinary life.

So if you meet people for the first time, don't be afraid to be curious. Ask them what they like and what they hate. When they tell a sad story, encourage them by a pat on the shoulder. Or when they tell a happy story, put your hand up and high-five. Touching can help you create a relaxed atmosphere.

#4. Smile is your weapon

That is simple, but just an ordinary smile can help you make a good impression. Smiling can help you create a comfortable atmosphere and decrease stress hormones. Remember that you should not smile too widely, as it will look weird and nervous.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#5. Maintain a good posture

Posture has huge significance in interpreting body language. And it is very important to watch your posture carefully. In order to make a conversation relaxed and friendly, you should keep your back straight and relaxed.

#6. How to show confidence

When you are nervous or disappointed you usually fold your arms over your chest. This gesture shows that you feel danger. If you want to appear relaxed and confident, you should keep your arms relaxed.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#7. Show trust

If you want to show confidence and trust, keep your feet hip width apart. Remember that when you swing, or jump on your feet, you show anxiety and instability. How does a president stand? So should you.

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#8. Breathe right

When you are nervous, your breathing becomes short and sharp, making you look nervous. So if you want to feel confident and stable, you should take three big breaths and relax your body.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#9. Own the room

In order to draw attention to yourself as a strong and confident individual, you should enter a room and feel its atmosphere. Don't rush in, move confidently and feel the energy. Show respect, and show that you are important.

#10. Quickly greet each person

When you meet with a group of people you are familiar with, you should immediately greet each person with a friendly greeting. When you enter the room and meet new people, don't be afraid to say hi. Show that you are confident and people will treat you with respect.

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

#11. The perfect handshake

Your handshake may say a lot about you. If a person will crush your hand, you will think he is trying to show dominance. A perfect handshake is a strong, but gentle. You should show confidence without trying to impress.

#12. Be friendly and sincere

A perfect handshake and smile is enough to appear friendly. But if you want to show an extra joy at meeting someone, you may use your second hand. All you can do is to grip their forearm easily.

As you see, body language is an important part of our everyday life. So if you want to be likable and successful, you should learn how to control your body language and improve it.

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