Now cancer is in second place among all causes of death in the world, only cardiovascular diseases are ahead of it. Scientists make unfavorable predictions: the number of cancer patients will only grow. According to the estimates of the researchers, the number of patients will increase by about 70% and will reach 22 million per year by 2032. For comparison, this figure was 14 million in 2012.

The most common cancer risk factors are the following: smoking cigarettes, malnutrition and obesity, excessive alcohol drinking and a lack of physical activity. A third of all deaths from cancer occur when a person has these risk factors.

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Credit: Freepik

However, people who lead a completely healthy lifestyle can also suffer from cancer. Heredity plays a significant role in the likelihood of developing cancer. It is worth attention that cancer is spreading in countries with a high level of income.

So, the highest level of the disease was recorded in Denmark. France, Australia, Belgium, Norway, USA, Ireland, Korea, the Netherlands and New Caledonia goes next on the list. Although cancer is considered a problem in more developed countries, 57% of all cases are found in less developed countries.

43% fall on the industrialized countries. More than 30% of all cases of cancer are diagnosed at later stages. Unfortunately, doctors often remain powerless. Therefore, the main prevention of cancer remains timely diagnosis. Nobody is immune to cancer. This disease is difficult to cure, but even more difficult is to survive the treatment period morally.

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Credit: Unsplash

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However, it is twice as hard for those who are watched by millions of eyes. Hollywood celebrities are the same people as we are. They can also be sick. They can also have cancer. Most people do not even suspect that their favorite celebrities once fought or are still struggling with cancer.

Many of these famous people prefer not to tolerate the disease in public and to focus on one's health. Cancer does not have its favorite people - it can affect anyone, and the list below is another proof of that:

#1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This woman, The Emmy winner, shared on her social network about her disease in 2017, being 56. Now, we have information that she copes with the disease very bravely and her cancer leaves step by step.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#2. Cynthia Nixon. One of the main stars of Sex and the City faced this serious disease in 2006, at 40. She treated her cancer with a lumpectomy and radiation and she managed to fight the disease.

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#3. Sheryl Crow. She was diagnosed in 2006, she was 44. Immediately after finding out that she had breast cancer, a singer made an operation and had seven weeks of radiation. She thinks that the main cause for breast cancer is the environment.

#4. Edie Falco. This HBO star found her breast cancer in 2003, at 40. She did not make public her disease and calmly fought it.

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Credit: Unsplash

#5. Kylie Minogue. She was diagnosed in 2005, at 36. She found out about her disease by luck from the second test. She had a partial mastectomy, went through chemotherapy, and radiation until she fought her disease.

#6. Elizabeth Edwards. At age 56, in 2004 this woman found a huge lump in her right breast and managed to forget about her terrible disease in 2010.

#7. Robin Roberts. Good Morning America star found out that she had cancer in 2007, she was 46. She fought her disease in 2012.

#8. Jaclyn Smith. Charlie’s Angels star was diagnosed in 2002, she was 56, and she has overcome her disease. Furthermore, she started her Strength in Knowing program about cancer risks.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9. Christina Applegate. The summer of 2008 became the most difficult summer in her lie. The actress was 36 and she found out about her breast cancer. After fighting her disease, she provided financial aid to women all over the world.

#10. Melissa Etheridge. She was diagnosed in 2004, she was 43. She had a rigid regimen of chemotherapy and radiation and fought the disease in 2007.

#11. Diahann Carroll. She was diagnosed in 1998, she was 63. She underwent a lumpectomy and 36 radiations until she overcame the disease.

#12. Hoda Kotb. She was diagnosed in 2007, she was 42. She had a mastectomy and reconstruction and adopted a child in 2017.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

#13. Olivia Newton-John. At age 44, in 1992 this woman found out that she had breast cancer. She overcame breast cancer, but now she is fighting with tumors in her spine.

#14. Wanda Sykes. At age 47, in 2011, she was diagnosed. She removed both breasts and overcame the disease.

#15. Kathy Bates. She was diagnosed in 2002, she was 54, she had ovarian cancer. Ten years later doctors found breast cancer. Now the woman is lucky to be healthy.

#16. Giuliana Rancic. She was diagnosed in 2011, she was 36. She has no family history, but she needed to fight this terrible disease. She managed to overcome it after a year.

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