Today we would like to tell you the story of one beautiful girl, her name is Arielle Mandelson, and she is 32 years old. She lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé and their puppy. Arielle works in behavioral health, but she is also passionate about food, fitness, fashion, beauty, and traveling.

Arielle Mandelson is a popular Instagrammer, who publishes motivational photos of her figure. Since 2016, she began her fitness trip, which brought her amazing results. “I spent a year focusing on my emotional well-being before I addressed my physical health, and when I finally did I was so misguided,” tells Arielle Mandelson.

“I thought ‘healthy’ meant lean with abs so that’s what I pursued, and by all the wrong measures. I all but completely cut carbohydrates out of my diet, ate about twice the protein someone my size should, did a lot of cardio and attempted some random weight exercises. I felt aimless, bloated, lethargic and just completely frustrated.”

Then, she decided to try out the Kayla Itsines program “Beach Body Guide”. “After a few weeks of doing BBG, something inside me had shifted; I could feel myself getting stronger each time I did a workout and my relationship with food improved,” Arielle says. “My motivation was still primarily aesthetically driven but I also wanted to get stronger, so I looked at food as fuel and workouts as personal challenges to overcome. Carbohydrates and I became friends again, and I began exercising in the gym. I craved working out for the first time in my life.”

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At first Ariella was obsessed with her weight. “I thought if I could just get it lower and be a certain weight that I would feel better about myself,” she says. “It was disconcerting when the number didn’t change at first but my clothes fit better and I felt so good that I was able to ignore it.”

After a while, when Arielle’s weight did not change, she realized that it was a muscle mass. “Progress photos, vain as they are, became my primary barometer — and they are a much more effective tool for gauging where I was physically,” Arielle Mandelson says.

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Now this beautiful lady has the perfect figure without dwelling on her weight. Publishing posts in Instagram, she tries to motivate other girls and women who go through the same problems. Proper nutrition and effective exercises work wonders, ladies! Do not look at your weight, look at your reflection in the mirror, which should please you!

“I didn’t get here by doing anything excessively; no crash diets or hours doing cardio in fact, that’s how I stayed stuck for so long! The idea that is ingrained in us to eat less and exercise more is so incredibly archaic and misleading. Eat better and exercise more effectively is the formula when food is fuel and medicine, and exercise is a mechanism for building strength and endurance, your body will respond favorably! There’s no magic! Xoxo,” says Arielle Mandelson.

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The BetterMe Team is by your side throughout your fitness journey! Stay motivated and you can achieve your goals. If you are struggling with your motivation have a look at one of our many articles for inspiration.

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