Female libido is a woman's sexual activity, her desire for sexual intercourse. Do not confuse the reduction of libido with frigidity, as frigidity means a complete lack of sexual desire and is, fortunately, a very rare phenomenon. This disease affects about 0.5% of the female population of the planet.

Agree, the figure is very small. The same can not be said about the decline of a woman’s libido. Every year, there are more and more women experiencing this problem. In today's world, there is an image of a super-sexy hot woman.

Men think that the ideal woman should feel the desire almost from only his view. However, in real life, everything is much more prosaic: there are more and more single women who are not striving for relationships or for sexual contacts.

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Credit: Pixabay

As for women who have a partner, it happens very often that in order not to disappoint a man, many of them hide their unwillingness to have sex and fulfill this duty, reinforcing their partner’s actions by simulating orgasms. However, masking the problem is not its solution.

Therefore, when the first symptoms occur, it is better to begin to solve it. In fact, to increase a female libido is not so difficult, the main thing is to understand the reasons for its lowering. The causes of lowering a woman’s libido can be the following:

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1. Diffidence. When a woman finds herself unattractive, she can not relax in a bedroom.

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Credit: Pixabay

2. Problems in a relationship with a partner. In women, as you know, orgasm is in the head, in the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions.

3. Often elementary everyday life leads to reduce of a woman’s libido. Calm relationship, sex begins to seem something banal and boring.

4. Hormonal background. It is the hormonal background that determines woman’s sexual mood.

5. Most women also note a lack of sexual desire, when they take oral contraceptives.

6. Stress and fatigue. Emotional overwork at work and at home, congestion and a lack of adequate sleep and rest, also do not benefit a woman's libido.

A low libido is not a diagnosis for the whole life, so a woman can easily increase it. She just needs to add the following fifteen habits to her daily routine and she will see great results after even a little while:

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Credit: Pixabay

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#1. The lowdown on lust. You should not upset, one third of women can face this problem.

#2. Plan more date nights. Add some variety to your weekends. It is not good to spend the whole evening in front of your TV. Plan to go to the cinema, or to the café or just have a romantic walk under the stars. This will add some romantic mood to your relationship.

#3. Pop a different birth control pill. Oral contraceptives can low your libido. So, you need to consult a doctor, perhaps you are taking the wrong pills.

#4. Check other meds, too. Not only oral contraceptives, but any pills can make your libido low. Read the instructions, there can be some information.

#5. Divide household chores equally. You should not do everything by yourself. Ask your partner to help, and you will have more energy for a great evening.

#6. Set your room up for romance. You can light some candles, turn on pleasant music and fill your glasses with wine. This will set up romantic mood for both of you.

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Credit: Pixabay

#7. Add sex to your to-dos. Your sex life should be active, so you should include it into your schedule.

#8. Use a lubricant. Some women can suffer from such a thing as insufficient lubrication. So, solve this problem by using a lubricant.

#9. De-stress before sex. Stress works against your sexual life. Try to relax before having sex. Take a shower and listen to music. You can also practice some yoga exercises.

#10. Eat clean. Balance your diet. Recent researches show that high cholesterol can prevent women from having orgasms.

#11. Eat aphrodisiacs. Add more avocados, strawberries and almonds to your diet.

#12. Examine your relationship. Try to solve all problems outside your bedroom. This will help to relax more.

#13. Go for a hike together. If you have a common hobby, this will make you closer to each other.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#14. Exercise often. Regular exercises can reduce your stress, improve your mood and tone your muscles.

#15. Listen to your body. Problems with a thyroid gland can affect your sex desire. So, you should check your health.

#16. No dice? Visit your doc. There are drugs that can help women increase their libido, ask your doctor about them.

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