Many couples after the age of 40 start having much less sex or there can be certain problems that interfere with the intimate life of the family. Why is this happening? Is it possible to reverse this process? 40 years is such a good age!

People are enriched by experience, know everything and each other. However, the relationship in bed leaves much to be desired. The main problem with which sexologists are addressed by spouses of this age category is a decrease in the desire for sexual intimacy.

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The main thing here is to find out the reasons for this behavior. They can be completely different for men and women. Moreover, a decrease in sexual desire can occur only in one partner. For example, a man accumulates physiological problems, narrowing blood vessels, changing the hormonal background.

All this leads to disruptions in sexual life. In addition, if we talk about forty-year-old people, they have a long record of family life: they know each other too well, everything is not as acute as it used to be. How was it in the youth? If it did not work with one woman, then a man tried with another, then with the third one.

A woman's peak of sexuality comes just in 35-40 years, when the world ceases to revolve only around the baby crib. By the way, she has her own problems during this period, she also wants to forget about them. So, at the peak of her sexuality she can feel unfulfilled with an intimate life.

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Credit: Freepik

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Spouses may not realize that they have problems in their relationships for years. At first they think that, probably, this is the norm. However, then they understand that something is wrong. It is necessary to solve internal psychological problems on time, do not hide the head in the sand and do not run away from the situation.

Do the standard methods work: beautiful underwear, home striptease? Yes, if you invest in them. Good sex is still sensuality. How to return it? Are there any special tips or techniques to make the sexual life brighter? Look at habits that can improve your sexual life:

#1. Take a spin class. Blood circulation can affect your sexual life. So, you need to improve it.

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#2. Talk spreadsheets to get under sheets. If couples have financial troubles, this can lead to problems in their sex life. Try to be smarter with your money and not to worsen your relationship.

#3. Say yes to yellowfin. Balance your diet, you should eat healthy foods.

#4. Be a routine-breaker. Try new things, new places and new emotions. This will help you boost your sexual desire.

#5. Learn Sexonomics 101. Try to become a more romantic person, try to make more romantic moments for your partner and you.

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Credit: Freepik

#6. Lift weights twice a week. Regular exercising will not only tone your body, but will normalize your mood and hormones.

#7. Make chili. Add more spices to your diet.

#8. Create a new ritual that becomes yours. Common hobbies can make you closer with your partner.

#9. Remember the hierarchy of compliments. Pay more attention to what and when you say. This is very important.

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Credit: Freepik

#10. Remember the hierarchy of the bedroom. You should be attentive to your partner and show what you want in your bedroom.

#11. Remember the hierarchy of desire. Pay more attention how you treat each other, this is really important.

#12. Add more garlic. It is a very good anti-aging remedy.

#13. Bulk up your B. Your sexual desire depends on your level of vitamin B. So, add more foods containing it to your diet.

#14. Buy stock in apples. This fruit can increase the level of sexual desire. Try to eat apples every day.

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Credit: Freepik

#15. Have verbal sex. You should not hesitate to speak about sex with your partner. This can also make you closer.

#16. More body talk. Love your partner’s body and show this to him.

#17. Deconstruct the architecture of sex. You should pay more attention to your actions, your touches and your words.

#18. Drink red. Resent studies show that a glass of red wine a day can increase your sexual desire.

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Credit: Freepik

#19. Drop those 10. Normalize your weight, this will not only make you feel more confident, but will also make your sexual life brighter.

#20. Get back in the saddle. Improve the quality by the quantity.

#21. Pose more. Do not be afraid of experiments. Try new poses and you will have new emotions.

#22. Choose berries over cookies. Berries are natural aphrodisiacs and can improve your sexual desire.

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