Every woman wants to meet a great guy, fall in love with him and build happy and healthy relationship. As a rule women look for a man who is cute, has a great sense of humor, can make them laugh and improve their mood.

Unfortunately, we usually underestimate such feature as maturity. Many women don’t understand how important this it is. A mature guy is able to build healthy and strong relationship and understand his woman’s needs and desires.

Today, we are going to provide you with some important information. Below you’ll find 15 signs that will help you to recognize an emotionally immature man. In this way you will be able to find a partner for long-term and happy relationship. Let’s see what they are.

Credit: Srocksnap

Credit: Srocksnap

#1 He is always complaining

It is one of the main signs that your partner is emotionally immature. Nothing awful actually happens to him, he has a good job, and his family loves him, but he keeps complaining all the time. No one is guilty except him. He is just a negative little boy.

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#2 He is always tired

Of course, sometimes, we all get tired. However, the truth is that everyone can feel exhausted, but they make effort to find some joy in their everyday life, feel better, and take care of themselves.

So if your partner doesn’t even try to improve the situation and is constantly complaining that he is tired, he is immature and isn’t ready for healthy relationship. Besides, if you are a positive person, you’ll get tired of this kid.

#3 He hates his job

Yes, many people don’t like their work. Some of them take it just for some time in order to pay for something and stay there much longer, than they expected, others haven’t managed to find something better. It’s a rather common situation nowadays.

However, if your guy literally hates his job and doesn’t do at least anything to change this situation, he is immature. He is unable to set the goal and do everything possible to achieve it. This guy isn’t ready for such responsible and important steps.

Credit: Srocksnap

Credit: Srocksnap

#4 He gives you a hard time

Your significant other should always support you and your dreams. It’s important for the romantic relationships. However, if your partner doesn’t understand you, thinks that your dreams are lame and your plans are unimportant, he is just not mature to understand that all people have their own needs, plans, and desires.

#5 He doesn't value your time

Time is one of the most important things we have. So when somebody doesn’t value our time, they just don’t deserve our attention at all. If he doesn’t think that your schedule is important, cancels you dates, and makes you wait him for a long time, he is immature for relationship.

#6 He is lazy

Sometimes, we all are lazy and don’t want to do anything. However, we are able to manage our laziness and do everything we have to. We understand that spending all day long watching TV shows and eating junk food we won’t achieve our goals and live fully.

However, an immature man doesn’t understand it. He thinks that it’s completely OK to spend every single day like a sloth. Moreover, he will try to make you do the same. If your man behaves in this way and don’t want to change anything, this relationship won’t bring you anything good.

Credit: Srocksnap

Credit: Srocksnap

#7 He makes it all a big joke

It’s impossible to have any serious conversation with emotionally immature man. He just makes it all a big joke. He is unable to talk about any serious questions, about your feelings and stuff like that. It’s almost impossible to build relationship with such a man.

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#8 He is vague

When your man can’t tell you how he feels about you, you can be sure that he is emotionally immature. For some reason he can’t answer you, when you ask him whether he likes you.

#9 He is insulting

Of course, sometimes we all can say something insulting about other people. But mature people know when to shut up and are able to manage their emotions. Immature man is always insulting other people whoever they are.

It’s not a very good idea to build romantic relationship with rude and impolite person. He can also insult you. So if you have talked to him, and he hasn’t understood you, it’s time to leave.

Credit: Srocksnap

Credit: Srocksnap

#10 He shrugs things off

When we feel tired or have a bad day, we aren’t afraid to show our emotions and attitude to the situation. However, this man doesn’t like to show his emotions and real attitude to the problem. He will just change the subject and move on.

#11 He breaks down

An immature man always breaks down, even because of some unimportant things. Of course, sometimes we all have some difficulties and can suffer from stress. And it’s OK to support our loved ones and help them. However, if there is no any real reason for the breakdown, but he keeps doing it, you are not obliged to be his therapist.

#12 He says sorry too much

Yes, it’s very important for the relationship to be able to say sorry. But it should be done only when someone is guilty. If your partner says you sorry on a regular basis without any reason, it is a sign that he is emotionally immature.

Credit: Srocksnap

Credit: Srocksnap

#13 He lives at home

If a man lives with his parents without and significant reason, it means that he is emotionally immature. A mature man should take responsibility of himself and live apart from his parents.

#14 He never follows through

It means that he never does what he promised. You constantly feel that he is lying or manipulating you. Immature man isn’t able to take responsibility even for his own words, so if he isn’t going to change, you shouldn’t waste your time on such a relationship.

#15 He hurts you

Of course, there are a great number of things that can cause heartbreak. However, an emotionally immature guy will constantly hurt you without any reason and your relationship will end in breakup. So, as you can see, it’s rather easy to figure out if your partner is emotionally mature. Remember that you should never get upset because of the breakup. It’s just an opportunity to meet your real soulmate and build happy and healthy relationship.

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