Do you want to get in shape? Are you looking for an effective diet plan? Stop looking! We would like to show you an easy green tea diet that can help you boost energy and burn extra fat. Scientists found out that green tea is very beneficial for weight loss. It will keep you healthy, accelerate fat burning and speed up your metabolism.

In order to start your weight loss journey, you should follow eight easy steps, which include effective diet tips, low-calorie recipes, a diet plan, an exercise routine and other diet rules.

In this article, we will show you eight important facts that have been proven time and again in huge number of studies. By following this green tea diet, you will definitely achieve your weight goals.

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Credit: Stocksnap

Step #1

If you like drinking soda and sweet coffee and tea, it is time to replace them with sugar-free green tea. If it is too difficult for you to give up your morning cup of coffee now, you may limit yourself to just one morning cup of coffee a day. But one week later, you should give up drinking coffee at all.

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Step #2

Green tea diet is not about consuming liters of green tea instead of food. It is a long process. You need to change your lifestyle and become more active. How to choose green tea? You need to buy high quality tea, which doesn't contain toxins. You need to have five-six grams of tea a day, which is almost six cups of tea.

Green tea is a calorie-free product, which can help boost your metabolism and accelerate fat burning. Nevertheless, you shouldn't consume green tea during your mealtime, as it can cause indigestion and nausea. The best way is to drink a cup of green tea one hour after breakfast and consume it one hour before lunch and dinner.

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Credit: Stocksnap

Step #3

Health experts claim that occasional alcohol intake is acceptable. If you celebrate something, you may drink a glass of red wine. However, you should remember that alcohol is not good for your weight-loss. When you drink alcohol, you may stop control your appetite and overeat. If you eat a bowl of soup, you stop eating when you feel full. But alcohol makes you lose control and it can result in weight gain.

Step #4

In order to slim down, you should balance your diet with complex carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins. You should choose healthy products such as, whole grains, fresh veggies, fruits, berries, nuts, herbs, dairy products, seeds, fish, meat and olive oil. You should limit the consumption of fast food, soda, processed foods and sweeteners.

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Credit: Stocksnap

Step #5

You may think that fasting can help you slim down fast, but it is not true. When you follow a low-calorie diet, your body's survival instinct is caused and it goes on “save energy” mode. Don't starve yourself, as it slows down your metabolism and makes you burn fewer calories. Low-calorie diets will only make you gain fat and they can lead to negative health consequences. You should remember that there is nothing better for weight-loss that combining a healthy, balanced diet with an effective exercise routine.

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Step #6

Eating several times a day may speed up your metabolism. Your body start to burn fat quickly knowing that you will not starve. It is time to stop eating large servings of meals twice a day. In order to slim down, you should have three main meals and two or three healthy snacks. Just make sure, you don't overeat. Calculate your daily calorie intake and eat as much food as your body needs to slim down.

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Credit: Stocksnap

Step #7

If you drink plenty of green tea, it doesn't mean you should stop drinking water. Drinking water is very important. It promotes weight loss, speeds up metabolism, cleanse your body from toxins and help you control appetite. If you want to be healthy and lose extra weight, you should drink two liters of water a day.

Step #8

Being physically active is crucial for your weight-loss. In order to lose weight, you should compliment a healthy diet with a good workout routine. You need to find an activity you like and do it thirty minutes a day. It can be yoga, boxing, running, walking, dancing or swimming. It is your choice. The key is to enjoy and be happy.

Are you interested? This diet is good for these who want to lose extra weight, improve their health and become more active. You should try it!

Credit: Stocksnap

Credit: Stocksnap

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