We all dream about having perfect romantic relationships. Someone feels happy being engaged, others are happily married, and someone else feels OK just dating from time to time.

However, when we think about a true love, as a rule we have a certain picture of two people who are happy together. They are fond of each other don’t imagine themselves being apart. The question is what connects these people and what helps them be so happy.

There are probably many answers on this question. However, very often, when people need some answers, they try to find it in the astrology. Today, we have decided to provide you with some interesting information. Below you’ll find a list of 20 couples. There are 10 zodiac pairs who are truly happy and 10 who are just pretending to be. Let’s see what they are.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#20 Pisces And Pisces: Genuine

This couple is the embodiment of pure love. These partners accept each other the way they really are. They are dedicated to each other and don’t imagine themselves being apart. These people have strong emotional connection and feel each other perfectly.

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#19 Aries And Scorpio: Pretending

These people have rather difficult relationship. They both are stubborn and are unable to make compromises. They don’t really understand each other and only imitate happiness together. This couple just should learn to listen to each other. It’s not necessary to agree, they just should listen attentively and support each other.

#18 Taurus And Cancer: Genuine

A Cancer woman and a Taurus man are a great couple. She is emotional and sensitive, and he is strong and reliable. She is a little bit dependent on him, but it’s OK for him. Taurus feels the support of his Cancer and together they are a really happy couple.

#17 Libra And Capricorn: Pretending

People, born under the sign of Libra are usually rather sociable. They have many friends and are always glad to hang out with new people and visit new places. Their partner Capricorn is their complete opposite. They like stability and hate to change something. These people are too different and it’s rather hard for them to build strong and happy relationship.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#16 Aquarius And Pisces: Genuine

In this couple both partners are kind, sensitive, sympathetic, and understand each other perfectly. They are dedicated and have strong emotional connection with each other. This is a perfect couple that will never break up.

#15 Leo And Sagittarius: Pretending

Leo is a really strong sign which is used to control everything in his life. He is responsible for everything that is going on in his life. However, he isn’t sensitive at all and he just doesn’t understand his careless partner Sagittarius. The main problem of this relationship is that Leo is jealous. He will never be as free as Sagittarius because of his desire to control everything.

#14 Gemini And Virgo: Genuine

Gemini people are great partners. They are flexible, can make compromises, and understand their loved one. These people also have amazing sense of humor and are very charismatic. Sensitive Virgo helps their partner and supports him. They don’t let their significant other think negatively. This is a perfect couple, where the partners support each other.

#13 Aquarius And Leo: Pretending

We have already mentioned that Leo is a strong sign that controls everything in his life. They are confident and reliable. They usually ignore their emotions and listen to their mind.

Aquarius are sometimes reserved and don’t let their partner understand what’s wrong and solve the problem. These people are too indecisive and weak. Aquarius and Leo are too different to build happy romantic relationship.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#12 Scorpio And Scorpio

All people born under this sign are sensitive, sympathetic, and strong at the same time. They always feel other people’s emotions and support them. Now imagine the relationship between two sensitive and supportive people. They are perfect. Two Scorpios understand each other perfectly.

#11 Cancer And Virgo: Pretending

We have already mentioned that Cancer people are emotional and sensitive. They always take decisions listening to their feelings. Virgo people are practical and analytical. They always make decisions listening to their mind. They are too different. This is not genuine; this is pretending.

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#10 Aries And Sagittarius: Genuine

Yes, these partners are different too. But they know how to find a perfect balance in their relationship. Amazing charisma of Sagittarius will attract Aries. And here their relationship will start. Sagittarius in their turn, are attracted by the sincerity of gentle Aries. This relationship will be filled with harmony.

#9 Cancer And Cancer: Pretending

You’ve probably noticed that the combinations of two similar signs are usually great. However, this case is exception. Yes, Cancer is sensitive, emotional and sympathetic just like Scorpio and Pisces.

Their main problem is that sometimes they get manipulative and jealous. These partners will try to manipulate and control each other. This will slowly ruin their relationship.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#8 Leo And Capricorn: Genuine

You already know that Leos are strong and want to control everything. That’s why it is usually rather hard for them to find a partner. However, Capricorn is perfect for them, since this sign is calm and patient. Leo’s emotions and Capricorn’s patience will create a perfect balance in the relationship.

#7 Taurus And Leo: Pretending

These are two strong and stubborn signs that want to control everything. Two equally strong personalities aren’t able to build healthy and happy relationship. Their tempers will slowly ruin everything.

#6 Gemini And Aries: Genuine

We have already mentioned that Gemini are flexible and are able to make compromises. They easily can let strong Aries be a leader in the relationship. Gemini hate being bored, and Aries will never let them do it. Together they will experience many adventures and interesting moments.

#5 Sagittarius And Pisces: Pretending

At first these partners will do their best to build happy relationship. However, later, Pisces’ sensitivity will become a real problem for Sagittarius. They won’t want to provide Pisces with all the attention and support they demand and will be constantly irritated. This is not genuine; this is pretending.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#4 Libra And Scorpio: Genuine

Libras are sociable, have lots of friends and have amazing sense of humor. That’s why they will be really attracted by Scorpio. It will be a perfect union of love, respect, affection, fun, and humor.

#3 Gemini And Libra: Pretending

At first these partners will be happy together due to Gemini’s flexibility and ability to make compromises. But later they can get moody and sociable Libra, that can also become stubborn and rude, will start irritating Gemini. In this way, these people won’t build healthy relationship.

#2 Sagittarius And Taurus: Genuine

Yes, this is another case, when the partners are different but are able to build happy relationship filled with harmony and love. Carefree Sag will always support and cheer up Taurus in everything they do. In their turn, Taurus will help Sag develop and become better.

#1 Leo And Leo: Pretending

This is another couple of completely similar people, who can’t build happy and healthy relationship. Two absolutely equal, strong personalities won’t be able to make compromises. They both will want to control each other forgetting about respect, private space, and trust. In this way they will slowly ruin their relationship.

So, as you can see, certain zodiac signs can form perfect couples, and others should make lots of effort to stay together, if they really love each other. Anyway, remember that to build happy and strong relationship you should love, respect, and trust your significant other.

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