It is difficult to argue that the way of life of men and women has a huge impact on their fertility. Things we do every day, the conditions of our work, foods we eat and beverages we drink, inevitably affects not only our state of health, but also the state of the reproductive sphere.

So, the scientists found out that both female and male infertility can be associated with sleep, or rather, with its quality and quantity. Let's find out how much to sleep and how we should do it correctly if we plan to conceive a child.

You can not believe, but among the reasons that affect conception, sleep is not the last place. We are burned at work, we take work home, we load ourselves with household chores. As a result, our constant companions become stresses, insomnia, lack of sleep and chronic fatigue.

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So, to increase your chances of conceiving a child, you just need to sleep. It is not new to anyone that we are what we eat, how much and how we sleep - our entire way of life affects our reproductive abilities.

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We underestimate its significance. We often do not think about what it means to sleep properly. What is the quality of sleep and how much we should sleep? Therefore, it is very important to know how much to sleep, in order to increase our fertility.

A lot of studies were conducted, women preparing for the IVF program were observed re. They concluded that sleep helps to normalize the functions of the reproductive system. If a woman slept for 7-8 hours, then her hormone count returned to normal.

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Credit: Freepik

This accordingly increased the chances of getting pregnant by 25%. However, at the same time, if women slept more than 9 hours, their fertility declined by 25%, and if less than seven hours, it decreased by 15%. So, as a result, the doctors concluded that much sleep is harmful and even more than not getting enough sleep.

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Also, scientists noted the fact that the fertility of a woman is affected by the mode of work, especially if her work is done at night. As shown by multiple surveys, 20% of women had menstrual cycle problems, 30% had miscarriages, and 80% had difficulty in conceiving a child. It is very simple to explain and there is no mystery in this behavior of the body.

After all, if a person does not sleep at night, then our biological rhythms get bogged down, the level of hormones, blood pressure and even heart work begin to change. However, even women who stay up late can gain weight, because the body drops the level of leptin, which suppresses the appetite.

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Credit: Freepik

Because of excess weight, fertility also decreases. If a woman wakes up often at night, then too much cortisol appears in the body - a stress hormone that has a direct impact on the reproductive system of a woman. In order not to harm the body and get enough sleep, you need to follow a few simple tips.

#1. If possible, you should go to bed and wake up at the same time. The best time to sleep is 11 pm.

#2. In bed, you can only sleep and have sex, for the rest it is better to find a more comfortable place.

#3. Before going to bed, it is better not to drink coffee, strong tea or alcoholic beverages. Also it is necessary to refuse smoking before going to bed, after all it influences the process of falling asleep.

#4. Do not drink and eat a lot in the evening. Also, if there is stress in the evening, it is advisable to use sedative or teas with soothing herbs.

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Credit: Freepik

Already other scientists at the same time conducted experiments that determined the influence of sleep on male fertility. The results showed that if a man is not getting enough sleep, then the quality of his sperm is sharply reduced.

For example, 18-year-old men who slept less than 8 hours a day had semen quality lower by 29% than those who slept more. However, the difference from women was that a large amount of sleep did not affect fertility at all.

This can be explained by the fact that with a lack of sleep, the working capacity of all organs, including reproductive ones, will decrease. It can also cause the appearance or progress of many chronic diseases. So, we can conclude that the more a man sleeps, the faster he will become a dad.

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Credit: Freepik

Both you and your partner need to remember that good sleep is an important part of our life. Not only our health, but also the procreation can depend on it. Therefore, give it enough time and you will immediately notice the result.

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