You’re seeing a man who is smart, good looking, perfect in all areas that matter……the man of your dreams. You are sure you have found yourself one worth keeping….but with all this in mind, it does not mean he is going to be a good father.

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He is fun to hang out with and such a gentleman, but will he be as ideal when you have a little bundle added to the equation? Being a great boyfriend does not automatically make a great father.

Is he father material?

There are a couple of signs to look out for to find out if the man of your dreams will be a great dad.

#1 Responsibility is a good sign that a man will be a good dad. If he attends and meets work commitments, uses his time wisely and pays his bills on time, it is a very good sign that he has a mature and balanced hold on life and has cut his apron strings. These points are so important as it is impossible to take on the responsibility of a child if you have not progressed from living a “child’s” life.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#2 He has a good balance between being understanding, and enforcing discipline at the correct times. Do you remember from your childhood when you thought your dad would be upset, yet he gave you constructive advice, and when you fell off the rails and he was stern with you to put you back on track? That shows signs of a mature man who knows what emotions are necessary at what time.

If your dream man understands when to be firm with his friends, family or partner, then he knows how to handle situations in a mature manner. If he can judge when the situation needs him to be stern or compassionate, then he is very capable of being a caring dad.

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Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

#3 To be a good father, your man should be able to happily show affection. If your guy takes you out often, calls when he says he is going to and enjoys spending time with family and friends and is not phased to show public displays of affection, these are strong signs he will make a great dad.

Kids need a balance of affection and discipline to keep them on the right track. If your man is able to show you and the people he cares about his affection, then this is a great sign that he will be affectionate with his children as well.

#4 He has a good hold on handling stress. Stress affects everyone in one way or another. If a guy can handle that stress in a mature approach, then he may well be great father material. A dad needs to be able to cope with stress from all angles, work, wife and children. If he can cope with stress from work and home, he may be well prepared to handle “kid stress”

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5 He is protective, but not over the top. If he can keep those he loves out of trouble and watch out for their wellbeing, he may be a good dad. There’s a difference between being protective and over-protective. When he understands that you need your space and trusts you to make wise decisions, that’s a huge plus. A man who is able to differentiate between lending a hand and taking a step back, is a good sign of father material.

#6 Men should always be on hand for their partners. Being able to be on hand to help and show support when a situation arises shows the signs of a good partner and will show that he can be the helpful person your child calls when in need.

#7 He’s already good with kids. Watch your man’s attitude with the children around him. If he can relate well to them and is able to talk and play and look like he is honestly enjoying their company, this is a good sign he will have a good relationship with his own kids.

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

#8 He’s at ease socially and gets along well with his and your family and friends. When a man is comfortable amongst people and can chat and interact with others, this proves he is a people person and will not over react to minor events.

#9 He enjoys quality, home time with his partner. A man knows how to appreciate his partner and enjoys spending time at home with her .

If he has a mature way of thinking , and has outgrown his immature ways, he will make a great dad as he would have outgrown the need to be out partying with his buddies and will prefer to spend that time with his children.

#10 He will do the smallest of things to show his appreciation for others–especially you. When you are not feeling up to speed and he does a random act of kindness, like hiring a comedy to cheer you up, is proof that he care and will do anything to help. If he can do this for you, he will do it for your future children.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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Being a good father, means being able to balance being tough and compassionate and being loving towards his children.

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