Magical solutions for getting rid of split ends are just a temporary mean that stops the further destruction of hair. You will need to trim your hair to completely get rid of split ends. However, there are many ways to prevent their new appearance. Use them to make your hair soft and healthy.

Carefully study your hair with a mirror. Be careful when applying shampoo. Excessive amounts of shampoo can wash away natural lubrication from the hair, making it vulnerable to damage. Use a hair conditioner. After using your shampoo, apply a conditioner for the entire length of the hair.

Dry your hair right. Intense friction with a towel is not a good idea to dry your hair. Instead, gently pat the wet hair with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. In order to treat split ends at home, you can use the following natural remedies. You will be surprise how effective they are:

Credit: PIxabay

Credit: PIxabay

#1. Argan oil

It helps the brittle hair to become strong and soft.

#2. Chamomile

It promotes microcirculation of hair roots, thereby ensuring the supply of nutrients.

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Credit: PIxabay

Credit: PIxabay

#3. Black lentils

It is rich in many vitamins useful for hair.

#4. Avocado

It promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair roots, restores damaged and lifeless hair.

Credit: PIxabay

Credit: PIxabay

#5. Cocoa butter

It feeds and restores roots, strengthens them and prevents hair loss.

#6. Shea butter

It removes the dryness of the hair, protects them from the sun, smooths, restores the structure and gives shine.

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Credit: PIxabay

Credit: PIxabay

#7. Pumpkin

It helps to strengthen and restore the structure of hair.

#8. Milk and milk products

Milk masks help cope with dandruff, itching, brittle hair, and also give them strength, shine and silky.

Credit: PIxabay

Credit: PIxabay

#9. Mayonnaise

It helps moisten the hair and improve its structure.

#10. Beer

Its components nourish the hair from the inside, restore damaged hair, make it shiny and silky, strengthen the structure of the curls, promote the healing of the scalp, including effectively fight with such nuisance as dandruff.

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