If you are trying to lose weight for long, you must have heard about Weight Watchers weight loss program. This is a very successful program, which is based on matching the food calories consumed with those expanded through both workouts and the basal metabolic rate. This method is an age-old: you eat fewer calories than you burn each day. Moreover, the credo of this program is “if you bite it, write it”.

So if you have heard something about this program, you probably know that it is not necessary to track your daily calorie intake while following this diet plan. Instead of it, you need to count points. Each day, on the basis of your age, weight, height, fitness level and weight loss goals, this program gives you a number of points.

Every week, you may earn “Flex Points” by exercising and dieting. Working out regularly can help you get more points for food. If you keep dropping extra pounds, you may add to your diet little occasional treats, if they fit into your daily points.

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But things become more difficult with the “Beyond the Scale”. This new system is challenging, and it focuses on improving one’s overall health and well-being, not just the number on the scale. Most Weight Watchers participants worked hard to learn the basics of this new program. They picked several options for healthy snacks, lunches and dinners and they found out how many points they can spend during the day.

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The “Beyond the Scale” lowered points for certain products making them very hard to fit even into a week diet plan. Here are new rules of “Beyond the Scale”:

— Calories become a measure of how many points get your daily food.

— By eating sugar products and saturated fats a person rises points.

— While by eating lean proteins a person lowers points.

As a result: A person eats more fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, fish and herbs. And limit the consumption of sugar products and processed foods.

This all sounds amazing until that moment when you realize that a piece of milk chocolate, a bowl of Italian pasta, or a bottle of beer may really take off your points.

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How to control your appetite and prevent overeating

One of the most popular strategies for slimming down is hunger management. The best way to control your appetite is to fill your body with low-calorie snacks. You should remember that if you will wait for hunger to eat, there is a huge chance you will eat more than your body needs. If you will eat healthy, low-point snacks in moderation, you will feel full most of the time.

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Credit: Freepik

So if you want to eat something delicious, you may choose foods from this list. The good news is these products cost four points or fewer.

Half a cup of “Chex mix” costs four points.

Thirty-five grams of dry roasted peanuts cost four points.

Thirty grams of Planters cocktail peanuts cost four points.

One cup of “Cheerios multi-grain cereal” cost four points.

Quarter of a cup “Post honey bunches of Oats with Almonds Cereal” cost four points.

One quest bar cost four points.

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Credit: Freepik

Apple slices with one tbsp. of peanut butter cost three points.

Two stalks of celery with one tbsp. of peanut butter cost three points.

One cup of vegetable soup cost three points.

One scoop of ice cream cost three points.

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Credit: Freepik

Peanut butter banana roll ups cost two points.

One serving of brand chips cost two points.

One egg cost two points.

Three cups of microwave popcorn cost two points.

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Credit: Freepik

One serving of popcorn cake costs one point.

Thirty grams of hard candy costs one point.

A cup of puffed wheat cereal costs one point.

One gingersnap cookie costs one point.

One fat-free hot dog costs one point.

One of the best news of this new program is that almost all veggies, fruits and herbs cost zero points. This amazing rule means that you can eat apples, oranges, carrots, strawberries, kiwis, spinach and other delicious fresh products without wasting your points. However, you should remember that one cup of chopped apples may cost zero points, but five cups of apples are too many calories for you!

As you see, “Beyond the Scale” is a great weight loss program that can help people slim down and maintain a healthy weight. This program can help develop healthy eating habits in order incorporate them into their lifestyle. So if you are trying to slim down, we recommend you following Weight Watchers weight loss programs to obtain amazing results in no time.

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