This age is just the moment when you can do self-development, heal wounds and deal with problems that were not solved in the first half of life. Women aged 40 and over differ in characteristic confidence in themselves and their abilities. After all, they have already tempered their character and molded themselves in the heat of past battles with life circumstances, and now quite consciously feel themselves.

They already perfectly master their sixth sense, intuition, which for mere mortals is still a mystery (or lottery), they understand that life is love not only to others, but to oneself (perhaps even in the first place). Women after 40 skillfully combine the experience and attractiveness of youth, which allows them to effectively manage their lives and enjoy the subsequent years of their being in this world.

Thus, it turns out that when a woman reaches the age of 40, she begins to walk more confidently in life, feeling the hard ground under her feet and being able to control her emotions (maintain a balance of power). However, many women bake pies, prepare coffee and are constantly working around the house only because they need to do these things.

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They actually feel guilty, if they do not have time for doing something, they think that they are not a good wife, mother or just a woman in the eyes of others (including close ones). Let’s look at 40 ways to improve life after reaching the age of 40:

#1. Wake up earlier. This will give you more time to spend for yourself in the morning.

#2. Find a hobby. Think about things that are most interesting for you.

#3. Ditch your debt. Try to get rid of all your debts.

#4. Be more assertive at work. This is the best time to show your ambitions.

#5. Find a fitness routine your love. This can be swimming, yoga or cardio exercises.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#6. Add weight training to your exercise plan. They can tone your muscle very well.

#7. Use sunscreen. Do not forget to apply your sunscreen every time you leave your home.

#8. Embrace your optimistic side. Develop your inner optimism.

#9. Have single drinks. Do not drink those cocktails with cream and a lot of syrups.

#10. Go to a doctor and check your health. This is really important.

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Credit: Pixabay

#11. Take the right supplements. Your body needs vitamins, especially omega 3.

#12. Give back. Volunteering can improve your life.

#13. Do not compare yourself to somebody else. You are an individual, remember this.

#14. Have your clothes tailored. You need to look perfectly.

#15. Develop the best skin care routine. Your skin need special care after 40.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#16. Read books. This will improve your memory.

#17. Stop doing things you do not like. You should not pretend.

#18. Be proud of things you like and you do well. Do not think about other people’s opinion.

#19. Find the ways that can help you deal with stress. This can be yoga or a good movie.

#20. Love yourself and your appearance. Yes, you can have some more wrinkles than you would like not to have, but all women have them.

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Credit: Pixabay

#21. Check your teeth every six months. This is important for your health.

#22. Keep a journal to record important events from your life.

#23. Remove toxic people from your life. They will never change, and you do not need this negative. Surround yourself with people whom you like.

#24. Check your body for cancer diseases on a regular basis.

#25. Drink more water, at least eight glasses a day.

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Credit: Pixabay

#26. Travel more. Even if you do not have enough money for traveling to another country, go to another city in your country for the weekend. Visit the maximum of historical sights of your country.

#27. Do not take part in office dramas.

#28. Think about your past mistakes and try to correct your behavior in the future.

#29. Start eating healthy. This will improve your health.

#30. Add more foods containing protein to your diet. They are: chicken, fish or eggs.

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Credit: Pixabay

#31. Try to lose weight. All women start gaining weight after forty.

#32. Be socially active and spend more time with your friends.

#33. Do not forget about flirting. Your age is great for this.

#34. Think about your money, you can consult a financial planner.

#35. Choose makeup treatments according to your age.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#36. Do not be afraid of spending time on your own.

#37. Try to be physically active and do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

#38. Use all of your vacation days. You need a good rest and new emotions.

#39. Get a regular physical.

#40. Sleep well. Poor sleeping can lead to premature aging.

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Credit: Pixabay

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