Some women believe that sticking to effective diets and reducing consumption of harmful foods can help them achieve their body goals. Unfortunately, this is a false opinion. Yes, a diet is one of the keys to a perfect body, but without physical activity, it will not give you excellent results. In other words, if you have fat accumulation in complex body areas such as stomach, thighs or arms, then you have to combine some effective workouts with a healthy diet to achieve body goals. That is why we want to show you some effective moves for one of the complex body areas, like belly.

These moves are designed for women who want to get rid of belly fat and achieve that desired well-rounded stomach. Are you ready to get to know them closer? Well, you should add 8 exercises such as Double Leg Lifts, Flutter Kicks, Crunches, Criss Cross, Exercise Ball Crunch, Rolling Plank Exercise, Vertical Leg Crunch, and Hip Lifts to your workout routine.

Our 8 moves “to deal with lower belly fat” will help you slim down, shape up, and sculpt your sexy abs. Surprised? Step-by-step, you will achieve your body goals by performing our killer moves and sticking to your effective and healthy diet. The combination of these two will give you excellent results, we promise.

And now roll out a mat, pull on your yoga pants and start feeling a real burn. Each move of this killer workout will leave you feeling amazing, so you will look forward to your next workout. So, scroll down to see the instructions how perform all these 8 moves correctly…aaaand just do it!

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#1. Double Leg Lifts

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#2. Flutter Kicks

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#3. Crunches

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#4. Criss Cross

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#5. Exercise Ball Crunch

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#6. Rolling Plank Exercise

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#7. Bicycle Crunch

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#8. Hip Lifts

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