Home training is an ideal option for those who do not have much time and money, but do not want to lose shape. In general, for everyone! The most important thing is to force yourself to do it regularly. Legs, especially the upper part of them is one of the most problem areas for women.

It is genetically inherent that the fat is stored here. However, you can and you should combat this, and the recipe is simple - regular, daily exercising at home. Not more than half an hour a day and you have slender legs always!

Remember these 7 exercises and get yourself a new useful habit this spring. Healthy eating and performing this workout, you can successfully burn excess fat deposits and get a slim figure:

Bridge. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and lift your hips. Hold the position for fifteen seconds. Repeat ten times.

Squat.Repeat ten times on each leg.

Step up. You need a bench. Step up on it and lift your knee. Repeat ten times on each leg.

Lunge. Repeat ten times on each leg.

Deadlift Repeat ten times on each leg.

Repeat ten times on each leg.

Glute Kickback. Repeat ten times.

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#1. Bridge

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#2. Squat

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#3. Step Up

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#4. Lunges

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#5. Deadlift

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#6. Basic Squat With Side Leg Lift

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#7. Glute Kickbacks

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