Most people spend days by hunching over their laptops and smartphones, which is not beneficial for their health. This self-neglect results in back pain and other health problems. Our back muscles are the most important muscle groups of our body, but it doesn't change the fact that most people neglect back training. It is very important to perform back strengthening exercises, in order to maintain functional movement and prevent back pain.

You use your back in almost all movements you perform throughout the day, from bending over to pick up your garbage to walking. So if you want to keep your back healthy and lead an active life, you shouldn't neglect back strengthening exercises. In this article, we would like to show you five effective back exercise to train your back muscles. The good news is that you don’t need to have any special equipment, as you can perform them with your body weight.

To complete this workout, you need to perform five repetitions of each exercise and repeat the set three times with thirty seconds of rest between each set. In order to obtain desired fitness results, you should do this training routine three times a week. Are you ready to sculpt your body? Scroll down to see how to do these exercises correctly to prevent injuries. It is time to work out, ladies!

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#1. Push Ups

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#2. Triceps Extension (perform without dumbbells)

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#3. Swimming Pilates

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#4. Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral Raises (perform without dumbbells)

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#5. Plank

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