A romantic relationship is a partnership between two loving people. They love and support each other. The partners help each other develop and become better. However, there are certain things that we expect from our loved ones.

Women always know what they want to get from their loved ones - feelings, emotions, actions, and so on. They always talk about if with their partners in order to strengthen their relationships and prevent fights. However, we can never know what our partners think.

Today, we have decided to help you a little. Here are 20 things that men want to hear from women. In this way you’ll understand your partner much better, make him happier, and build strong and healthy relationship. Let’s start.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1 I Need Your Help

The thing is that men like to feel needed. They like to feel strong and support their loved ones. When they don’t feel needed in the relationship, they aren’t happy. That’s why you can feel free to ask his advice or ask him for help.

#2 You’re The Best At…

Men are just like children. They like to be praised. Tell him that he is the best at something. For example, when he cooks dinner, tell him that he is a great cook, and his dishes are delicious. In this way you’ll make him happier and show him that you really appreciate, what he does for you and for your relationship

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#3 I’m Happy

When men are in love, they are ready to do their best to make their partner happy. Moreover, they are happy, when their loved one understands and appreciates it. That’s, why, if you are happy in the relationship with your man, tell him about it.

#4 You’re Perfect

Men seem to be strong and independent. However, they also have inhibitions, fears, and thoughts that they do something wrong. That’s why by telling your man that he is perfect, you’ll make him more confident and happy.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5 I Respect You

We all know that respect is one of the most important things in any kind of relationship. This case is not an exception. Moreover, men need to know that their loved one respects him.

#6 You Can Say No

Very often men can’t say no, because they are afraid of quarrels, feeling guilty, or just don’t want to make us upset. They do what they don’t want to, and suffer from it. That’s why you should let him know, that it is completely OK to say no when he doesn’t want to do something.

#7 I’m Mad Because…

You shouldn’t be passive aggressive. If you don’t like something, or he has done something wrong, you should explain him, why you are mad. In this way you’ll prevent fights and will solve all the problems quickly.

#8 I Love Your Style

All women like to hear these words. They start feeling more confident and attractive. However, men also like it. Your significant other will be even more pleased, if he hears something like that from you.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9 Let’s Do It

According to the research, most of men in the relationship don’t have enough sex. That’s why if you, so to say, will take the initiative, you significant other will be the happiest man in the world.

#10 Have Fun With Your Buddies!

Personal space is really important for both partners. They should spend some time apart. That’s why you should let him go somewhere with his friends. In this way he will relax and get rid of stress. If you encourage your loved one to spend time with his friends, he won’t get bored and will appreciate your attitude.

#11 I’m Listening

Sometimes your man just doesn’t want to bother you with his problems. However, he just needs to talk about it. That’s why you should let him know that you are always ready to listen, support, and help him.

#12 You Have What It Takes

Men like to feel confident when it comes to their work. They need to feel confident to succeed in their plans. That’s why you should tell your loved one that he has what it takes. In this way he will get necessary encouragement to achieve his goals.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#13 You’re A Great Dad

If you have children, then these words are the most important for him. You probably know that being a parent is not an easy task. These words will let him know that he makes efforts and takes care of his family not in vain. Your man will understand that he is loved and appreciated.

#14 I Trust You

Trust is the second important thing in the relationship. Let your significant other know that you trust him and rely on him. He should understand that he is one of the closest people for you.

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#15 You’re So Good to Me

People, who love each other, usually do everything to make each other happy. However, very rarely they we tell our loved ones that we appreciate everything they do for us. Just tell you man that you love him and what he does for you and your relationship.

#16 I Love When You…

Your man does a lot of things for your happiness. That’s why it is very important to let him know what exactly you like most of all, and let him know that he is doing everything properly. For example, if you like his sweet text messages, tell him about it.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#17 I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong

Fights are a part of romantic relationship, and it’s OK that sometimes you quarrel with your significant other. However, it is important to tell him that he is right, at least sometimes. Then he will feel much more confident.

#18 I’m Proud of You

We have already mentioned that a relationship is a partnership. You and your partner are a team and should support each other. That’s why sometimes you should tell your loved one that you are proud of him. He will feel really great.

#19 I Made Plans for Tonight

Yes, as a rule, men plan dates, walks, and stuff like that. However, if sometimes you make some plans, your loved one will be happy. Just organize a dinner or a small date, and he will appreciate it. He will definitely see that you want to make him happy.

#20 Nothing!

Sometimes men just like to sit in silence. They feel completely comfortable reading a book or just lying on a sofa in your company. That’s why sometimes let him enjoy the silence and spend some time in such a cozy atmosphere.

So, as you can see, rather simple things can make your relationship stronger and make you significant other happier. Everything you should do is to pay more attention to your loved one.

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