Very often we face the situations which put us in that place when we are not sure of what is actually going on. For example, when you have been hanging out with a friend but then out of the sudden, you start thinking that something has changed and you are not sure whether attraction nor actual love it is.

Let’s admit it – most of you have been in a situation like that, and the fact is that there is one thing that can determine everything for sure - your astrology sign. That is why we are ready to treat you with a complete astrology guide when it comes to your love life. Pick your sign and try to figure out whether true or false it is!

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There is nothing you wouldn’t do to spend some more time with the person you love. Love is your drug, and you are the addict.


Usually, you are more about yourself when it comes to anything but once you fall in love you want to share everything you experienced with the one you fall for.


No matter what you do, you enjoy it until the person you love is involved. As simple as that!

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Credit: Pixabay

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There is nothing you wouldn’t do to make your partner feel loved and cared for even at your own expense.

#5 LEO

The truth is that that person you have feeling for is annoying beyond belief yet you just can’t get enough of him, can you?


Very often you are uncomfortable around other people. But when you feel like you can walk around in your jammies and with no makeup at all – that is it that is your true love!

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Credit: Pixabay


It is true that you hate conflicts and there is rarely the situation you can start arguing about. But when you fall in love you feel like there is no need to keep your opinion to yourself to avoid the conflict, you can share, and that is amazing!

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You just stare at him all the time and can’t get enough? Yes, you are in love!


It is highly important to make your loved one laugh. That is why if you can’t stop cracking jokes – you are in love!

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If you feel like you are going to faint when he comes into the room – well, congrats!


It is more than difficult to share your emotions and open up but when you met the right person that fear will disappear in a blink of an eye!


Very often you tend to run away from the reality, but with him, it is all different instead of running away you stay present and get inspired. That is how love looks like for you!

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Credit: Pixabay

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