Often the body literally signals us about its problems, but we prefer not to notice it. Until it becomes too late. To prevent this from happening, keep your hand on the pulse. Traditionally inattentive attitude to their health is inherent in people without obvious health problems.

However, sometimes this can lead to very serious consequences. Women rarely go to the doctor without the need. Usually, this happens when the obvious signs of this or that disease have already become visible. This can lead even to surgical intervention. Women rarely pay attention to a small discomfort or unusual symptoms, because they are too busy at work and at home.

To change the situation, it is enough just to visit a doctor regularly. Before we start talking about the symptoms and signs of gynecological diseases, you still need to understand the reasons for their occurrence. Conditionally they are divided into external and internal factors. External factors:

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Credit: Freepik

strong stresses of a permanent or recurrent nature;

deterioration of the ecological situation;

frequent change of sexual partners;

early sexual activity;

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violation of personal hygiene;

infectious diseases;


taking antibiotics often and uncontrollably.

Internal factors:

malformation of the reproductive system;

disorders in the location of the genital organs;

hormonal failures;

tumor processes.

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Credit: Freepik

Now let’s look at 5 signs of problems. If you have any of them, do not wait for something and consult a doctor:

#1. Pain. Depending on the disease, pain can be of various types and intensities: inflammatory diseases are signaled by aching pain in the lower abdomen; if the pain is acute and paroxysmal, then this may indicate the rupture of the ovary or the fallopian tube, twisting the ovarian cyst or ectopic pregnancy; during the interruption of pregnancy the pain will be cramping; if you are awake from aching pain at night, then it can signal the cancer of the cervix or genital endometriosis. It is worth paying attention to the psychological factor. Sometimes women can face imaginary pains, because of excessive warring.

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#2. Unusual secretion from the vagina. This periodically occur in all women, and it is even considered the norm in some cases. Unusual secretion is the symptom of some disease, if it is of a permanent nature, is discharged in large amounts and with an unpleasant smell, is accompanied by pain and itching. If there are any pathologies, vaginal secretion is usually thick and has a different color, unlike normal secretion. For your comfort, you should understand that unusual secretion from the vagina can appear due to other, more innocuous reasons: personal care products or the washing powder that you use to wash your underwear are not suitable; presence of a foreign body in the vagina; allergic to a condom or other means of mechanical contraception; wrong underwear (synthetic and tight); excessive hygiene.

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Credit: Freepik

#3. Itching. Most often this symptom occurs in women in menopause, and this symptom arises with gynecological diseases caused by infections, diabetes or intoxication. It can occur in any woman in different periods of life, at any age. A healthy woman who observes intimate hygiene should not have any unpleasant sensations and in case when there is burning and itching should not be engaged in self-diagnosis and self-treatment. It is necessary to undergo an examination at the gynecologist immediately. Itching in the vagina is not a disease, but only a symptom of a dozen different pathological conditions of the female body, indicating that the body has some kind of failure, the development of a disease.

#4. Pain in sexual intercourse in women is a consequence of various causes of a physiological, psychological or pathological nature. Even with the once experienced discomfort in the vagina, in the lower abdomen or in the entire abdominal cavity in time of intimacy, you should consult a gynecologist.

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Credit: Freepik

#5. An irregular menstrual cycle almost always indicates that a woman has health problems. The main cause of irregular periods is hormonal failure, which can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common causes of irregular periods: stress and physical overload, overweight, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid gland diseases, endometrial hyperplasia, abolition of birth control pills, taking emergency contraception, miscarriage, frozen pregnancy or abortion. An irregular cycle does not pose a threat to the body, but this symptom can talk about serious diseases. If you suspect that irregular periods are associated with your lifestyle (frequent stress, unhealthy eating, excessive physical exertion, strict diets, bad habits, etc.), you should change your lifestyle and observe how this will affect your cycle. Irregular periods may occur in women using an intrauterine device. In some cases, the only way to treat this condition is to extract the spiral and designate another method of contraception.

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Credit: Freepik

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