It seems that women’s complaining about lack of initiative expressed by men, their laziness and complete indifference to relationship matters has intensified. As if all the romance dies after the first time they have sex with the woman they’re interested in, or after the wedding. She does get the chance to even feel like a woman anymore and is pulling the whole relationship by herself. The woman is tasked with taking care about her partner. And the partner seems like a complete moron to whom she sacrificed her best years of life, affection and love.

You might be surprised, but the fault, in this case, is actually the woman’s, in larger part.

You just won’t let him love you. A woman has to be passive to some extent so that the man does not lose interest in her. Happy relationships should bring joy to both partners, and not lead to emotional burnout.

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The course of action (or inaction)

Not only are the women wearing trousers, working and lifting at the gym, they themselves have become predators. It’s pure logic: the more you chase a man, the faster he’ll be speeding away from you. As psychologists put it, the more the woman suffers from lack of a man’s love, the more he suffers from the excess of her love.

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Look at the realm of nature. Hens run away from roosters, cows from bulls, tigresses from tigers, not the other way around. If you’re the one planning your vacation, your date at a restaurant, your anniversaries, why would he feel the need to be involved? What for, if you do everything by yourself? He quickly loses interest. And don’t say it’s because he is not able to do all those things, he is perfectly capable of everything.

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Credit: Freepik

Hint at it, don’t act. Communication is crucial. And the time you normally spend pursuing a man, you can now dedicate all to yourself. A beautiful and calm woman inspires her man to act. Here are the 5 rules of inaction.

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#1. Don’t be too eager to please

Easy prey is not interesting. Relationships are built on reciprocity: you make a step, he makes a step. If you are constantly chasing after him, don’t wonder why he is standing still.

#2. Do not put too much blame on him

Don’t ask for attention, stimulate it. "When will you call me?", "Where have you been?", "Where are you going go and when will you be back?” Forget about asking those questions. Don’t ask him to embrace you, kiss you, cuddle you, etc. He should do all this because he wants to, and not because you coerced him.

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Credit: Freepik

#3. Be the one to end the conversation

Perhaps you noticed that the person who gets the last words, so to speak, has an air of superiority to them? Your “ok bye” may not be the end of it, but now, it feels like he’s the one doing the chasing, doesn’t it?

#4. Be the one to put some distance between you two

Sure, dive into his arms, give in to kisses. But then, move away. Do not wait for him to say he’s gotta run his errands. This way, you’ll leave him bewildered and wanting more. Next time, he’ll be quicker about taking you in his arms. Such is the nature of man, they need to feel like they’re on a hunt.

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Credit: Freepik

#5. Don’t let him think you're his forever

Clearly, you love him and your dream is to spend your life with him. Just don’t talk about it every day. Yes, be an affectionate and loving. But he’ll become too relax, knowing that you’re his forever. Men become easily bored and start looking for a mistress.

Bid your goodnight first, be the first one to leave, end your phone conversations and initiate break-ups. So your man will start thinking Why did she end this call? Where is she going? Can she manage without me?

Do not chase after a man, rather, work on yourself.

Do you agree that a woman shouldn’t be fighting to get a man?

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Credit: Freepik

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