All women want to be slim and healthy regardless their age. We all want to attract attention and look gorgeous. That is why so many women are ready to do their best to achieve desirable results.

Some of them take care of their body, skin, and hair to look fresh and young. Yes, it is important to take care of our appearance. However, the best thing will be to solve the problems from inside. Healthy diet is a key to our beauty and youth.

Today, we have prepared some important information for you. Here is an optimal diet for women over 40 to maintain weight. Below you will find what foods you should eat to stay slim and healthy regardless your age. Let’s start.

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Credit: Freepik

#1 Consume foods protein rich foods

The benefits of protein for the weight of older women are confirmed by studies. Protein increases your metabolic rate and helps to feel full longer. So you can slim down and maintain healthy weight without being constantly hungry.

Moreover, high protein intake will help you to maintain your muscle mass as you age. It helps to protect your body from slowed metabolism and increase muscle mass, if you perform strength workouts.

Each meal and snack should contain protein rich foods: meat, fish, eggs, tofu, legumes, and dairy. Many women prefer eating such foods for breakfast or dinner. However, in this way you have risk not to get necessary intake of protein. That’s why you should try to add it to each meal during the day.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#2 Don’t forget about calcium

Meal plans, that include high amounts of calcium, prevent age-related skeletal diseases, such as osteoporosis, and help to lose weight and get a slimmer waist. Calcium helps to support the recovery system of or bones and lower the risk of their damage. It’s especially important for menopausal women, since decreased levels of estrogen slow down absorption of calcium.

That’s why it is important to consume calcium rich foods. You should include dairy, fish, seafood, legumes, nuts, and seeds to your diet. However, it is not enough just to consume enough calcium. Our body needs vitamin D to absorb it.

That’s why you should also eat such kinds of fish as cod, herring, mackerel, and salmon. Fish oil and eggs yolks are great for this case too. Vitamin D is also synthesized in our skin, when we are exposed to sunlight.

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Credit: Freepik

#3 Consume necessary amounts of fats

Fats contain more calories than proteins and carbs, but they lower our appetite and help to feel full longer. This affects our figure. Many studies have shown that low-carb diets are much more effective for weight loss that low-fat ones.

Moreover, fats are vital for our health. If you have dry skin, problems with joints and concentration, and feel depressed, it’s better to check if you consume enough fats. There is a popular belief that saturated fats are harmful for our cardiovascular system. However, the recent study has shown that high-fat diet doesn’t damage our health and leads to weight loss.

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Credit: Freepik

#4 Eat more fiber and less sugar

Carbs are essential for our body, but to maintain healthy weight it is important to choose rights sources. The best thing is to get carbs from fiber rich foods: fruit, vegetables, and cereals.

Fiber lowers cholesterol levels, helps to control weight, and decreases risks of getting cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes. It is also desirable to limit your consumption of processed foods: sugar, sugary beverages, bakery, white bread, rice, and pasta. These foods contain much more calories and fewer vitamins and minerals, than fruit and vegetables.

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Credit: Freepik

#5 Determine your portion

Our metabolic rate slows down as we age. That’s why it becomes harder to maintain healthy weight having the same calorie intake. However, you can speed up your metabolism by being physically active and decreasing your portion size. You should be attentive and listen to your body. Stop eating as soon as you stop feeling hungry. Try to have your meals without external stimuli, such as TV set, talks, looking through your social media, and so on.

Moreover, you should get rid of the habit to eat everything you have on your plate. Try to determine your portion. You can put a lot of food on your plate, weigh it, and eat until you feel full. Then weigh the plate again.

In this way you’ll see how much food you need to stop feeling hungry. You can buy a container that will have suitable size for your portion. In this way it will be easier for you to control the amount of food you eat.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#6 Cook nutrient rich meals

All your meals should be healthy and nutritional. Each of them should contain all necessary elements, such as protein, fiber, carbs, and healthy fats. That’s why you can try to divide your plate in three sections.

A half of the plate should be filled with vegetables or salad, a quarter should be filled with high-protein foods, and another quarter should be filled with potatoes, pasta, and stuff like that. Add a couple of teaspoons of healthy fats. Eat dairy and fruit throughout the day.

So, as you can see, everything is much easier than it seems at first sight. You just should make some changes in your diet, and you’ll get desirable results. You will stay healthy, young, and slim.

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