If you are trying to slim down, you may have heard about SlimFast diet. This diet plan is very popular among people who prefer safe weight loss methods. It requires you to eat six times a day. Your eating plan consists of one full meal, two smoothies and three light snacks.

You are able to buy special SlimFast snacks or you may prepare healthy snacks at home. The main advantage of this diet plan is that you are allowed to consume alcohol in moderation.

On average, women who follow this diet, consume around 1200 calories a day, while men consume around 1600 calories a day. This means this diet is safe for your health and effective for weight loss.

In this article, we would like to show you more about this diet and its advantages and disadvantages. Are you interested? Scroll down to read it right now, as this diet might help you get in shape easily.

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How much money should you spend on diet products?

The SlimFast plan might be pretty expensive. In order to buy SlimFast shakes for one month, you will probably spend ninety dollars. This means you will spend almost two hundred dollars in a month, which is not too much. However, if you want to save some money, you may prepare your own snacks at home. It's easy and not expensive at all.

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Credit: Freepik

The composition of SlimFast shakes

All SlimFast shakes contain different ingredients. The last versions of SlimFast shakes and smoothies contain plenty of protein and small amount of carbs.

Original SlimFast Chocolate Shake contains two hundred calories, four grams of fat, one gram of saturated fat, thirty grams of carbs, four grams of fiber, twenty-two grams of sugar and ten grams of protein.The first ingredients of this shake are cocoa, sunflower oil, and aspartame.

Advanced Nutrition SlimFast Creamy Chocolate shake contain one hundred eighty calories, eight grams of fat, one and a half grams of saturated fat, six grams of carbs, five grams of fiber, one gram of sugar, twenty grams of protein.

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Credit: Freepik

The first ingredients are calcium caseinate, milk protein concentrate and canola oil

If we compare SlimFast shakes with homemade fresh smoothies, you will be disappointed. Homemade smoothies contain plenty of vitamins, healthy nutrients and no oil, trans fat and sweeteners. However, buying Slimfast cocktails can be more easy and convenient. So if you are busy woman or man, this diet is perfect for you.

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Credit: Freepik

Snack options for SlimFast diet

Your snack should contain one hundred calories and no more. There are plenty of options you may choose, in order to satisfy your food cravings.

If you crave sweets, you may eat a handful of strawberries with natural yoghurt or a pear. If you want to eat something salty, you should consume pickles. If you crave for crunchy food, you may eat carrots or celery sticks.

Just make sure you eat enough fiber-rich products, which will make you feel full for long and improve your digestion.

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Credit: Freepik

The beneficial properties of SlimFast diet

If you are not sure if this diet will work for you, you should find out more about its advantages.

- This diet is very easy to follow. It is not difficult to find all products in almost any grocery store and hypermarket.

- This diet can help you slim down and save some money, as it is not as expensive as some other diet programs.

- You are allowed to try this diet for one week or for one month, it’s up to you.

- This diet plan is easy-to-follow. You don’t need to spend plenty of time on cooking.

- It is nutritious, so you will always have energy to do everyday tasks and be physically active.

- You should eat six times a day, which is beneficial for your metabolism.

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Credit: Freepik

The disadvantages of a diet

- The menu of Slim Fast diet consists of processed food products. While most health experts recommend eating more veggies, fruits, meat, fish, nuts and legumes to slim down and save your health.

- By following this diet, you won't develop a habit of controlling portions and counting calories. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you may gain weight back.

- When you complete SlimFast diet, you need to learn Basic healthy eating rules.

- If you get used to eating processed foods on the diet, you may be tempted to consume these products after the diet is complete.

- This diet plan doesn’t offer personalized support. However, there are plenty of forums and groups, which can help you follow SlimFast diet.

- Many people criticize this diet online.

As you see, the SlimFast diet has its pros and cons. It is neither the healthiest diet nor the cheapest. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, you should weigh the pros and cons and make your decision.

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