Nowadays, many people have started to lead a healthy lifestyle: they get rid of excess weight, by cleaning their body of harmful toxins and substances with the help of the proper diet, and also regularly go in for sports. It seems everything sounds right and healthy, but nevertheless not everyone can achieve good results.

What is the reason? The fact is, you can follow some old knowledge of weight loss, which prevent you from achieving the body goals. There are a lot of wrong information on the Internet that can embarrass you; by following this information, you can only gain weight, but not lose it.

Today, we have prepared a list of 8 seemingly good habits that prevent weight loss. We hope that our article will help you understand your mistakes, and you will be able to lose those extra pounds and achieve your body goals. So, read and take notes!

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#1. You eat low fat foods

People who are overweight consume products, such as “low fat”, “reduced fat”, “free fat”. In truth, these foods are not low-calorie, and you’d better avoid them. 10% of diet foods contain the same amount or even more calories than regular food, and 40% of them contain sugar. What's more, low fat foods cause people to eat too much.

#2. You stick to a high-protein diet

Most people who lead a healthy lifestyle prefer to stick to a high-protein diet. They believe that this diet is very useful and will help them build muscle by reducing their weight. However, this is not quite true. You should avoid meat for dinner, because our metabolism slows down at night, and it is difficult for the organism to burn fat.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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#3. You eat fats

If you want to lose weight and be healthy, you should avoid fat. However, there is a difference between unhealthy and healthy fat. The fact is, 20% of your daily calories belong to fat.

Unhealthy fats: fried foods, margarine, baked goods (cookies, pastries, cakes), trans-fats, vegetable shortening, processed snacks (chips, crackers, etc.), vegetable cooking oil, hydrogenated fats (pay attention to the labels).

Healthy fats: fatty fish, nuts and seeds, avocado, shea butter, saturated fats, extra virgin olive oil, whole eggs, coconut oil.

#4. You avoid carbohydrates

People who stick to a healthy diet, basically avoid carbohydrates. You should know that avoiding carbohydrates can harm your health. Avoiding carbs means avoiding essential prebiotics, including soluble fiber and resistant starch. In fact, these probiotics are essential for your gut flora. You should consume enough amount of them in order to keep the gut flora healthy.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#5. You count calories

When you count your calories, you are distracted from your main goal – to lose weight. Counting calories, you are distracted from your proper diet by eating unhealthy foods. Pay more attention to your diet, it should consist of healthy and quality products.

#6. You avoid snacks

Yes, you should avoid unhealthy snacks, but not healthy. So, do not skip this meal time – you should consume a few snacks during the day or 5-6 small meals because it will speed up the metabolism and will help you lose those extra pounds.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#7. You eat salad

Yes, it is healthy food, but not when seasoning with harmful fats or processed meats. If you want to eat a healthy salad, you should replace mayonnaise and similar products with your own dressing sauce.

#8. You work out when you are hungry

You need to know that your body needs fuel before exercising to work properly. You can drink one glass of juice before your workout: it will give you feeling of fullness and fill you with energy.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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The BetterMe Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remember you only get one!

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