Some of you complain about flabby arms, because this problem lowers your self-esteem and prevents you from wearing short-sleeved clothing. Also, many of you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym to get rid of this problem, because of the crazy working schedule. What can you do in this case?

First of all, you should not despair, because everything is fixable. Secondly, you need to start to lead a healthy lifestyle, sticking to a proper and healthy diet, and also moving more. Thirdly, we have prepared something super-effective for you – 6 easy moves to tone the arms and reduce arm jiggle. Are you surprised?

Moreover, in order to perform these moves, you do not need a gym membership! These are simple and effective exercises, you can do at home to make your arms appear more toned and firm. By performing this simple workout, you will tone up your triceps – those large muscles at the back of your arms that can really improve the look of your arms.

Well, girls, you should pay attention to exercises such as Push Ups (for chest, triceps and shoulders), Plank (for chest, triceps and shoulders), Tricep Dips (for triceps – back of arms), Bent Over Rows, Tricep Kick Backs, and Tricep Extensions. You should try to perform these moves every day to tone the arms and reduce arm jiggle. Scroll down and you will find instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly!

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#1. Push Ups (for chest, triceps and shoulders)

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#2. Plank (for chest, triceps and shoulders)

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#3. Tricep Dips (for triceps – back of arms)

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#4. Bent Over Rows

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#5. Tricep Kick Backs

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#6. Tricep Extensions

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