Young people today find it more problematic to deal with other people and to find their place in this world. After crossing the 30-year line, these problem don’t cease to exist. And maybe even increase in numbers. The future of the world in the nearest decades will depend on millenials born from 1981 to 2000. But what difficulties do they face in this world today?

We’ve chosen the most common problems milenials face today and tried to figure out what to do with them.

#1. Striving for perfectionism

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, millennials are excessively eager to achieve success and compete with others more compared to past generations.

Young people are critical of themselves and others. The society also makes high demands on them. All this negatively affects the psychological health. Excessive perfectionism can adversely affect your personal life and work.

What to do: Change your attitude towards life. Perfectionism is a way of thinking. People who do not have such a problem realize that life is a series of ups and downs. It will be easier to accept this idea and live with it than to try to achieve perfection in everything and see it as a tragedy as soon as something goes not according to plan.

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#2. Feeling anxious because of irregular working hours

This generation works more than their predecessors. There are many freelancers and those who can not settle on a single profession. Therefore, overtime and irregular working hours are not uncommon. And of course, all this affects one’s health.

What to do: Try to allocate time correсtly. Use time management systems or a planner.

Everyone has different times for productivity peaks. Some people work better in the morning, others in the evening. Leave most important tasks for those peak moments.

#3. Being afraid to make decisions

Sometimes, because of too much parental control or having too many options, millennials often find it difficult to make a decision, whether it is a job change or a transition to a new level in a relationship. Researcher Barry Schwartz calls this "the paradox of choice." He is sure that diversity makes us unhappy and paralyzes our will.

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What to do: Panic arises because of the variety of choices and responsibility. This is normal. Try to overcome the fear of making a mistake. Be bolder. Listen to your inner voice and do not be afraid to choose what it says.

#4. Less sleep, irregular meals

The lifestyle of modern 30-year-olds is very different from that of their parents or grandparents. The modern world prevents millenials from eating and sleeping properly. Work, quick snacks, waking up in the middle of the night to answer your boss’ call. All take a toll. Scientists have found that lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity. Because of malnutrition, the protective functions of immunity decrease.

What to do: Allocate time for sleep, rest and work. Various gadgets and apps can help. Take care of yourself. Do not forget that health is the basis of everything.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5. Not rushing to get married

Recent statistical studies confirm that the millenials marry later than previous generations, or may not marry at all. This is often associated with an unstable financial situation, changing attitudes toward marriage, changing priorities - instead of family and children, one may choose their career.

What to do: Marry when you are financially and psychologically ready for it. And not at the behest of relatives and society.

If you plan to have children, don’t put it away for too long. Try to have the first child under the age of 35 to have fewer risks during pregnancy.

#6. Feeling like a losers because of imaginary success of peers seen in social networks

Many people aged 30 and above make up the lists of richest and most successful. The life of a simple millennial can seem bleak against the backdrop of their success. Such stories, on the one hand, make you believe in your own strength, and on the other hand, stress you haven’t achieved anything like this.

What to do: Stop wasting time flipping through social networks, stop comparing achievements of your peers with your own. Spend this on your own development. Write down your goals, determine the time frame when you want to reach them, and work on them.

#7. Being surrounded by pseudo-opportunities to realize one’s potential

Psychologist Adam Phillips says that we are haunted by the myth of unrealized potential. Millenials are told that there is a sea of opportunities around them and they have to try themselves in different spheres. People go online and read articles on how to become successful that say you have to follow just a few points or rules. But when nothing happens, this is replaced by a feeling of dissatisfaction.

What to do: Determine which of your skills and talents are in demand and start developing them. Do not give in to illusions and soberly assess your abilities.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#8. Not being interested in political life

Researchers confirm that the current generation of 30-year-olds is less interested in politics than their predecessors. They are more cynical in relation to what is happening, and do not tend to support or criticize the authorities. Millenials rely on the opinions and decisions of others in this matter.

What to do: If you are interested in your future and the country where you live, do not ignore politics. Go to the polls, make your opinion known. Do not underestimate your voice.

#9. Depending on gadgets

30-somethings are heavily dependent on gadgets. Many can not tear themselves away from the phone while eating, taking a shower and even going to the loo. This isn’t exactly healthy. Scientists came to the conclusion that people who can no longer imagine their lives without gadgets tend to fell unhappy.

What to do: Limit the time to use your smartphone. Check the phone every 1.5 hours, not every 5 minutes. Do not use gadgets before bed or during meals. Leave only useful applications and delete the rest.

#10. Not being to create something new

Millenials are blamed also for the fact that it is beyond their power to create something new, ss if they are too spoiled by the comfortable life, full of technical gadgets and amenities. No, there are many successful people who are behind a popular start-up or application. Remember Mark Zuckerberg, at least.

What to do: Do not listen to the “millenials are lazy” drill. Do not take to heart negative comments about your generation, focus on what you love, and do it more often.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#11. Not being able to say "no”

Millenials are at an age when they are often criticized by parents and bosses at work. And most often they find it difficult to keep emotions under control. They react too sharply to negative information, and when it is necessary to refuse, it is difficult for them to say "no."

What to do: Learn to respect yourself and your time. If it is difficult to refuse directly, say "I can not promise that I will fulfill this request" or “It’s a very interesting proposal, but let's discuss it when I have time."

#12. Being constantly worried about financial instability

Financial security is one of the main problems of the millenials. This generation was badly affected by the 2008 crisis. Because of the precarious economic situation, many young people still live with their parents.

What to do: Calm your mind and concentrate on finding ways to improve this situation. Read smart books to increase financial literacy. Watch motivating films.

#13. Feeling suppressed because of abundance of negative information

Many millennials feel overwhelmed and helpless in the sea of ​​negative news,because they can not influence what is happening.

They are anxious about the economy, ecology, inequality and military conflicts.

What to do: Try to limit the negativity you’re exposed to. If any of this hurts you, discuss this with your loved ones. Compensate negative news with positive ones. If you want to change something, act with words and help financially (for example, make a money transfer to victims of a natural disaster).

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#14. Being narcissistic and exaggerating their own importance

Narcissism, for millenials, is the norm. This generation is constantly blogging about personal lives, posting selfies in the Instagram, being dependent on likes. They think the earth revolves around them. Authors Twenge and Campbell are certain that narcissist don’t just have overabundant sense of self-esteem, they are also dangerous because they assert themselves at the expense of other people.

What to do: Work to increase your self-esteem. Scientists came to the conclusion that those who are inclined to narcissism and exaggeration of their own importance are actually insecure. Be kinder to people. Stop thinking that you are superior to others. Perhaps you are deeply mistaken and your behavior is pushing other away from you.

In your opinion, what problems do millennials face in the modern world? Share your thoughts!

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