Your relationship lasts a very long period, but you still do not understand whether he really loves you or not. For a while you can tolerate this, but sooner or later you will start to wonder: what is the reason for his behavior, how to understand that the relationship is serious?

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There can be another situation: a man at the first meeting does not take his eyes off you, but he does not dare to invite you for a date or to get acquainted with you. Ladies seldom reject principles and get acquainted first, so the moment that can develop into a serious relationship is often overlooked.

It should be understood that showing his feelings is a serious step for men and, being afraid of refusal, they do not risk to admit their feelings. However, how to understand that a man is serious and is ready for a serious relationship with you?

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1. You laugh at the same jokes. This is true, no one except you laugh at them, because they do not understand them. These jokes appeared somewhere between the kitchen and the bedroom, when someone got confused in one sock, and someone remembered an anecdote. It is senseless to explain to others, because all experiences are too personal, and associations are random, but you two still have fun.

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#2. You have a secret language. When you talk about something, other people can not understand you: words are familiar, but sentences do not add up. For you, of course, everything is clear.

#3. You understand each other, even if you can not understand. Usually, a tingling happening occurs when the head is occupied with important thoughts and there is no time to remember what a thing is called. You two do not need it, everything is clear without words.

#4. YouTube offers you to watch some weird videos. You understand that he watched all those videos.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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#5. And you open them. Because it is interesting, what did your partner think about when he opened those links.

#6. You listen to this story for the hundredth time. The story of how the younger brother spent the change from the last dollar to lollipops and distributed them to the whole court obviously had a strong effect on your partner if he constantly remembers it. You listen for the hundredth time and like in the first.

#7. You know more about childhood friends than they know. When you are introduced to somebody, you immediately understand what to expect from him.

#8. You stopped noticing that you are replacing I with we. Our cat, we woke up, we did not know about this, and so on. In general, it is not bad.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9. You can tell everything. Really everything. It is free to talk about such things, which are not customary to mention in a decent society, because the person with whom you are around understands and accepts you entirely.

#10. You often talk about your loved one. However, not because you are crazy about love, but because most of the stories about your life are the stories of your joint adventures. You spend a lot of time near so it is not surprising.

#11. You know everyday habits and tastes of each other. Therefore, he does not buy a vanilla shower gel (it is better to buy raspberry) or he does not offer pasta for dinner (because you eat only vegetables in the evenings) and he listens to rap in headphones.

#12. You know a lot about things that you are not interested in. For example, you can tell a list with dozens of Jedi, although you do not like Star Wars, furthermore you can tell which soldering iron to choose and why, although you did not hold it in your arms, or you can quote a poem, although you do not like poetry. You have different hobbies and interests with your partner, but you are always curious to hear what he says to you.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#13. You bought a second blanket. Passion has not died out, and love has not gone away, but suddenly it turned out that you can sleep together and not share a blanket, enjoying the rest the way you like.

#14. You know the schedule of a loved one. Therefore, when you are invited to a party on Thursday, you will refuse: he has an important presentation on Friday, so he needs to sleep on Thursday.

#15. You can visit your friends separately. You get acquainted with all friends of each other and understand which company is boring for you. However, you will not lock him at home.

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#16. You have a terrible dirt. Yes, you saw those children's photos with a bare booty and you know who ate from a cat's bowl at the age of six months. Grandmother has already told you everything.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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