Lunar calendar for haircuts and hair coloring for May 2018 is an excellent assistant in choosing the date to change the image. Astrologers created a calendar showing the favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts and hair dyeing, and we gladly share it with you.

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Spring is the ideal time to change the image. In May, you can choose the most stylish haircut or dyeing for the summer, so that the whole warm season look unmatched. Astrologers have already compiled a lunar calendar of haircuts and hair dyeing for May 2018. Now we can choose the most favorable and unfavorable days for going to the salon.

Haircut on a favorable day will help to grow hair faster, retaining strength and health to it. If you decide to cut hair on an unfavorable day according to the lunar calendar for May, prepare for the fact that your hair will grow slower. Although this option is ideal for those who has short hair and do not like to visit a hairdresser often.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

May 1 - 16, 17 lunar day. The moon is in a phase of decline, so haircutting and coloring, as well as curling are not recommended.

May 2 - 17, 18 lunar day. The moon in Sagittarius influences ambiguously. If you want to keep the shape of the haircut for a long time, today it is better to refuse going to the salon.

May 3 - 18, 19 lunar day. Although the Moon is still decreasing and staying in Sagittarius, this is an auspicious day for a haircut, but in the afternoon.

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May 4 - 19 lunar day. A good day for all hair manipulation.

May 5 - 19 and 20 lunar day. You want to improve the mood, emotional background - a new haircut will be very useful.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

6 May - 20, 21 lunar day. A favorable day for all hair treatments.

May 7 - 21, 22 lunar day. The moon is in the sign of Aquarius, which does not affect the quality of the hair.

May 8 - 22, 23 lunar day. Today is still a favorable day for experiments, a dramatic change of image.

May 9 - 23, 24 lunar day. The moon is still decreasing, but Pisces will affect the health of the scalp.

May 10 - 24, 25 lunar day. An unfavorable day for haircuts and any hairdo changes.

May 11 - 25, 26 lunar day. An unfavorable day for chemical effects on hair and haircuts.

May 12 - 26, 27 lunar day. It is better not to do anything with the hair in the first part of the day, so as not to harm the hair and not to break the inner harmony.

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May 13 - 27, 28 lunar day. Moon in Aries, so the general condition of the hair will not change.

May 14 - 28, 29 lunar day. The moon is still in Aries, so it is better to do the haircut and any cardinal changes in the color and texture of the hair another day.

May 15 - 29, 1, 2 lunar day. New Moon. Do not put off the haircut for another day: a new fashionable hairstyle will give positive emotions and give hair strength and brilliance.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

May 16 - 2, 3 lunar day. Finally, the growing moon, and your hair will grow very well.

May 17 - 3, 4 lunar day. An intricate hairstyle will harm your psychological state.

May 18 - 4, 5 lunar day. Grooming on the growing moon will accelerate hair growth.

May 19 - 5, 6 lunar day. Moon in Cancer, then you need to pay attention to the procedures for hair strengthening and healing the scalp.

May 20 - 6, 7 lunar day. It is a very favorable day for changing the image.

May 21 - 7, 8 lunar day. The moon is still growing and it is in the sign of Leo. This means that you can do anything with your hair.

May 22 - 8, 9 lunar day. Moon in the Virgin. Your hair will grow even faster.

May 23 - 9, 10 lunar day. A favorable day for any hair manipulation.

May 24 - 10, 11 lunar day. It is favorable time for wellness treatments for hair.

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Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

May 25 - 11, 12 lunar day. The moon is in Libra, which will not affect the health of the hair.

May 26 - 12, 13 lunar day. It is a very favorable day for a hairstyle.

May 27 - 13, 14 lunar day. The moon is in Scorpio, so do not radically change the length or color of the hair.

May 28 - 14, 15 lunar day. Favorable day for haircuts, easy change the hair color and curling.

May 29 - 15, 16 lunar day. The moon in Sagittarius ambiguously affects the hair, so the trip to the hairdresser should be postponed.

May 30 - 15, 16 lunar day. This is not the best day for hair cutting and dyeing.

May 31 - 16, 17 lunar day. The moon is still in a decreasing phase, so it is better not to change your hair.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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